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Mount Aberdeen - In a hurry
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.23 - 06:40:51
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Bow Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Brad and Marg Pochay, Jason Dixon
Difficulty: 3: Moderate scramble
A quick day trip up the Aberdeen glacier and a descent into Paradise Valley.
The summer of 1997 was turning out to be one of washed out trips. So, with little hope of actually getting in some climbing, my wife Lara and I packed up our only child (for the time being) Amy and some climbing gear for a trip to visit friends in Field. Brad and Marg Pochay had been living in the sunless polar pit of Field for a couple of years and we regularly made trips to their place for visits.

Sunday morning arrived, and when the alarm went off, I didn't even get out of bed as I could hear the rain rattling off the roof. An hour or so later we were all up having breakfast and I was sulking about the place peeved that yet another trip had been rained out. During breakfast Brad mentioned we should get geared up and head towards Mount Aberdeen (our intended target), because we could at least play around on the glacier for a bit. I think this was just a ploy to try and get me to cheer up, as the weather was still rotten my mood was the same.
  It was about 10:00am and not raining when we left the car in the Lake Louise parking lot and headed up the trail to Saddleback. As we wound our way through the [px]ABERDEEN_A.jpg[c]switchbacks[/px] to the pass, the rain was still gone but the clouds were pretty menacing looking. We went over the pass and soon were on the climbers trail that gives access to the upper end of Surprise valley and the Aberdeen glacier. As we picked our way through the rocks and boulders of the upper end of [px]ABERDEEN_B.jpg[c]Surprise Valley[/px] the clouds were still pretty low and I expected nothing more than to practice some skills on the glacier. Rather suddenly we were at the glacier's snout trading our running shoes for plastic boots. We always wear running shoes for approaches (when possible) and carry our plastic boots, some people...

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