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Romulus and Remus
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.29 - 00:47:32
Ranges: North America Ranges / Canadian Shield Ranges
  (2 days)
Participants: Vaughan Wallace, Chris Taylor, Steve Tober
Difficulty: 3: Class 3
Adventures on Mounts Romulus and Remus
With the early, recent snowfalls effectively shutting down a lot of the big peaks, and the prediction of more to come for the weekend, we hoped the weatherperson would be wrong (in our favor) and that minimal rain/snow would fall on our parade up a couple of "easy" lower peaks. It was not to be.......

Friday 7am, Vaughan Wallace and I biked up the Little Elbow Trail to the Romulus campsite, 11.4km, where I set up my tent and dumped some gear. We then waded the Little Elbow and proceeded up the trail branching off towards the north fork and ended up going a little too far (I'm a sucker for good lead-in trail). Realizing our mistake, we then scrambled up the SW ridge and followed it without much difficulty to the recommended route in the scramblers guide. Rain turned to snow, then sun, followed by a spectacular rainbow (what rainbow isn't?) and then into horizontally driven snow.

Nearing the high point of the ridge (which then drops down before gaining the true summit, another hour or so away) Vaughan, as he did on the Vice President 2 weeks ago, jumped off the ridge like he'd been bitten on the ass by a .....lets call it a gigantic, high altitude Marmot this time. guessed it.....for the 3rd time this year, we'd been buzzed with electricity! (In 10 years of scrambling 150 or so mtns, I'd never been buzzed)......interesting how, after hearing it so often this year, I've determined that it sounds like a pinhole puncture of a bike tube, being squeezed under water.

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyways; we were out of there in flash, even though there was no lightening flash! (I think I'm just amusing myself here...bear with me...). For 10 minutes we stumbled over the loose rock, covered now with 3 inches of fresh snow, my ice ax buzzing all the way...

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