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Mt. Tinniswood on Foot via Bon-Bon Glacier
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.12 - 09:25:26
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (9 days)
Participants: Ryan Oldham, Eric Young, Dave Hess Glacier travel, snow slopes to 40 degrees, rock climbing to 5.4
From Chatterbox Falls on Jervis Inlet, we crossed over the Bon-Bon Glacier, and made our way to Casement Pass climbing Mt Tinniswood via the SE Ridge in low visibility.
Day One: We left Chatterbox Falls about 7am and headed up the steep trail towards Loquilts Lake. Our packs felt very heavy, loaded down with all of our gear and food for the nine day trip. We reached snow at approximately 3000 feet. At 3700 feet, we ascended through a narrow corridor/creek drainage (469631)that quickly gained 500 feet and brought us to about the tree line. We continued in the direction of Loquilts Lake, following remanants of old moraines. We crossed Loquilts Creek and climbed above the lake until we reached a good spot to spend the night. We made camp that afternoon at about 3pm on a slopes above the west side of Loquilts Lake at an elevation of 4800 feet (482639). The weather was dry most of the day.

Day Two: We broke camp at about 7:30 and contined up to two small lakes (Contact Lakes), then gained the ridge to their west. We followed this ridge only about a half mile before descending to a pass. The steep snow slops on the other side of the pass were a challenge, reaching angles of about 40 degrees with no runout. We again gained the ridge and followed it to its end, which after a short steep descent, placed us on the edge of the Bon-Bon glacier (461665). We crossed the glacier, which is just about flat, and gained the ridge on the glaciers NW side via a chute (439662) ascending to 5700 feet. Here we made camp (441665) under crystal clear skies. At this point we also cached three days worth of food for our return trip.

Day Three: We ascended the ridge bearing 35 degress to the top of "Lactic Acid" hill (450680). Excellent view of many peaks in the interior of the coastal range along the Elaho River. We then descended a broad ridge, bearing 348 degrees, towards some obvious rock outcroppings. From there, bearing 296 degrees, we passed point...

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