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Lake of the Hanging Glacier
Timestamp Free: 2017.10.19 - 09:30:50
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Purcell Mountains / Commander Group
  (1 days)
Kevin Altheim
A spectacular day at the Lake of the Hanging Glacier and up Horsethief Creek FSR complete with brutal storms, flash floods, and fallen trees.
(Date of Aug 1 is guessed by editor). I was on 2 weeks of holidays and staying at a cabin that some friends of mine own on the Columbia River in Athalmere. It is along the Columbia River where it comes out of Lake Windermere where the river is deep and slow. I woke up to a crystal clear day and took a refreshing swim. It was still early, so after the swim I decided to try to get out to the Lake of the Hanging Glacier. I geared up and headed to Wilmer, driving slowly through the small town. Wilmer is a quiet community in which the great Conrad Kain chose his home in the valley. Once at the north end of Wilmer I continued along the West Side Road.

It was a hot day so I was driving with the windows down. Near the intersection with the Horsethief Creek FSR I heard something big fly into the car and start bouncing around the back window in a fury. I quickly pulled the car over, jumped out, and could see it stuck in the back window. I am not sure what it was, but it looked to me like a giant morphed horsefly/dragonfly type creature with what appeared to be huge stinger. There was no way I was removing the bug myself, so I went around to the passenger side and opened the door. After a few minutes the bug found its way out, did several fly by's of the car and myself, then flew off angrily. With the bug evacuated I continued on to the Horsethief Creek FSR.

The road meanders through dry pine forest before heading down a hill to cross the Horsethief creek and enter the valley proper. While coming down the hill I noticed that the [px]lothg4.jpg[c]river meanders[/px] through the valley before the bridge and had created a small marshland. I parked the car out of the way and decided to check it out. The fourth meander takes a sharp hair-pin turn and was created by a small piece...

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