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Mount Grenville - Sausage on the Homathko
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.11 - 13:20:25
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (12 days)
Participants: Cam Shute, Mark Tinholt, Steve Ogle, Mark Parminter Strenuous
Ski plane to the centre of Homathko Icefield, skied south to Mt. Grenville, north to Mist Peak, stormed in two days, north to Mt. Queen Bess, weathered in, skied out to Tatlayoko Lake
We hatched our decision of where to land midway through the flight. We (Mark Tinholt, Mark Parminter, Steve Ogle and Cam Shute) had decided that we would head out to the Homathko in early April this year (2002), and were slightly divided in that we wanted to climb and ski, yet this had to be balanced by doing a in midair we decided to split the difference, and land in the middle of the icefield, and become our own (much more affordable) food drop. Dale from Tyax air was our pilot for the trip, and he gave us a special rate since he had to pick up another party on the compton neve anyway. He was an excellent pilot, and very knowledgeable about the area (

We landed at 51:05.3-124:29.7 just south of Cambridge Peak and dropped off 9 days of food. From there we skied 8km south along the very gentle rolling terrain in the centre region of the Homathko towards Plateau Peak. From the ridgeline that eventually joins Plateau peak we continued south to set up camp 1 (51:01.4-124:32.1) which we base ourselves to climb Mt. Grenville the next day. We woke to perfect weather, and started our 6 km approach to Mt. Grenville wrapping around the southwest side of peak 2544 shown in the upper right in the following photo with Grenville on the upper left. [photo]gren2.jpg[caption]Mount Grenville(L) and Peak 2544(R)[/photo]

The good weather continued to hold , and so we headed north again to collect our food and begin to push further north towards Queen Bess. We set up camp two just west of the midpoint between Cambridge peak and Mist Peak, and decided that we would ski Mist peak on the following morning.

We again awoke to beautiful sunny skies, and easily skinned most of the way up the southwest face of Mist peak. The snow was softening and getting...

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