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A Winter Ascent of Nestor Peak
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.26 - 11:05:49
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Mitchell Range (Assiniboine)
  (4 days)
Participants: Bob Saunders, Reg Bonney, Rick Collier, Istvan Hernadi, Peter Wolfe, Henry Walhout
Difficulty: 3: Ski ascent, with hard-pack and scree ascended in boots
On a winter ski trip up the Simpson River and Surprise Creek, around through Assiniboine Park, and then back down Golden Valley and the Simpson River, we ascended this 9700' peak near Ferro Pass
On Valentine's Day (February 14), 1991, six of us took off late in the afternoon and skied the 10.7 km up the Simpson River the cabin at the Surprise Crk junction, where we spent the night.

On the 15th, we continued up Surprise Valley - steep at first, but then very gladed and pretty as we made our way alongside the partially open stream. It was approximately 7 km to the flat ice that marked the location of Rock Lake and another 4 km to Ferro Pass. From the Pass we swung around the 500' bump to the NE and ascended 400' to what we called 'Nestor Pass' (7350'). Another 1800' of skiing and climbing on hardpack and scree brought us easily to the cold, windy summit of Nestor Peak (9750' or 2970m), complete with yet another repeater station! We left a register on the summit and descended to our skis. We skied down some steep powder on Ferro Creek, traversed E, crossed Nestor Creek, and camped next to the Mitchell River.

On the 16th we did a long ski through Assiniboine Park and down the Valley of the Rocks to Policeman's Meadows ﷓﷓ but because of darkness we couldn't find the cabin and so had a cold, wet, unpleasant camp. On the 17th we skied the rest of the way down the Simpson River, past the N Simpson ascent to Simpson Pass, back to Surprise Creek cabin, and all the way out to our vehicles on highway 93. Total distance for the trip was approximately 70 km.

Nestor Peak (not to be confused with Nestor Mountain near Spray Lake) is the highest point on Simpson Ridge at the point where is bends NE before heading back SE to terminate at Nub Peak. Although rather remote, it is a straightforward ascent and first climbed in 1913 by the Boundary Commission. According to Glen Boles in "Place Names of the Canadian Rockies", the name Nestor has three...

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