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Misty Icefield - Spearheads Traverse
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.15 - 07:53:41
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (13 days)     Elevation Gain: 5000m
Participants: Manrico Scremin, Liz Scremin, Irene Goldstone, Bob Stair, Neil Baker
Difficulty: 4: Seldom done ski traverse in a remote area. Includes some route finding challenges and some sections of extreme exposure to potential avalanches.
A ski trip from south of Stave Glacier in Golden Ears Provincial Park to Whistler.
I'm just like a kid when travelling on airplanes; I always want to sit by the window and stare out. It's amazing the things that can be seen from up there. I like studying the landscape forms: the way mountains and valleys line up and how civilization has made its presence felt on the land.

For almost two years in the mid-1980's I travelled between Edmonton and Vancouver every week on business and it was a route that I got to know well. When the plane takes off from Vancouver airport in the morning it's usually to the west, over the sea. We circle north, pass over downtown, and then over the mountains north of the Fraser Valley. After the city is left behind and before crossing the Lillooet River I would pay particular attention to an area with high plateaus and glaciers stretching north towards Whistler. It looked like good ski traverse country since it seemed all connected up, was well over tree line, and was not overly rugged.

One of my earliest involvements of the Alpine Club was in attending Vancouver section meeting which had, as a slide show presentation, a summer of 1972 traverse by Klaus Haring and Peter Alig from Wedgemont Lake north of Whistler to Alouette Lake in the Fraser Valley. One of the strongest impressions made then, and it subsequent years whenever the name Misty Icefields was mentioned, was that here was an area, which despite its proximity to Vancouver, was wild, remote and seldom visited. This was the area I was viewing from the air.

The time had come to get a little more serious about this. The maps combined with aerial photos taken on my trips clearly showed that it was possible to do a high level ski traverse starting from the Remote Peak area well south of the Misty Icefields and ending at Whistler. The only hitch seemed to be the...

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