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Bears! on Brohm Ridge (Towards Garibaldi)
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.07 - 02:51:22
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Gary Sutton
Difficulty: 2: moderately steep ridge to climb and long slog up a road
An unsuccessful attempt on Mount Garibaldi from Brohm Ridge.
After a slow start leaving Vancouver (which is typical for me), meant reaching the summit of Mt. Garibaldi was not within reach. However, I would learn later that time was not the only factor preventing a summit attempt.

My approach was by way of Brohm Ridge which looked simple enough by the map. Partway up however I doubted that I was on the right road so I doubled back to an earlier intersection and went the other way for a while. After realizing that it was clearly the wrong way I went back to the way I was going before. It seemed simple AFTER I reached the gate part way up Brohm Ridge. I was on the right road to begin with but doubted myself.

Since the road is gated to prevent 4x4s from driving all over the Alpine, one must walk up the road for 1.5 hours unless you have access to the key to the gate which has been reported before to be retrievable from the forest service by someone elses article. At least it is an interesting walk up the road. And I mean really interesting on this particular day.

Shortly after starting out I came upon a black bear on the road feeding on the numerous blueberries growing along the road edge. It didn't look very big from a distance, but wait a minute, a rustling in the bush indicated more bears. After making as much noise as possible, I started getting frustrated with the first bears noncaring and nonmoving attitude as it ate the blueberries. Then a baby bear cub came out of the trees. Mother and cub! And they didnt care that I was there, they were enjoying the blueberries too much. So what to do?

First I contemplated returning and giving up, but then I decided to circumnavigate the bears by hiking up the open slash created from the failed attempt at putting in a tramway for a potential ski hill. Well after slogging...

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