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Coast Range, Saint Elias and Chugach Mountains Traverse (multiyear)
Timestamp Free: 2018.09.24 - 01:37:02
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Saint Elias Mountains / Alsek Ranges
  (543 days)
Participants: Adrian E. Williams, David E. Williams, Greg Statter, John Clarke, Matthias Jakob, Markus Kellerhals, Betsy Waddington, Brian Waddington, Joe Fillipone, Janez Ales, Peter Celliers, Steve Sheffield, Peter Stone, Craig Hollinger, Brian Wood, Jan Palaty, John Baldwin, Glen Hernes, Laurent Mingo, Darlene Anderson, Tim Booth, Linda Bily, Mike Holmes
A traverse of the BC Coast range, Saint Elias and Chugach Mountains, from the Skeena River to Palmer Alaska, spread over 17 years. 4800km.
(Skeena River to Palmer, Alaska)

With the completion of our 2005 spring ski traverse from the Chitina River to Valdez I completed what had turned into a personal goal. To traverse the Coast Range, St. Elias Mountains and Chugach Mountains from the Skeena River, near Terrace, BC to Palmer, Alaska. This happened over a period of 17 years. Although the traverse is at times both somewhat circuitous and disjointed, I hope the reasons for this will become apparent, the complete distance of some 3583 km has been covered.

Several people have encouraged me to get something down on paper to summarize these wonderful trips through the mountain wilderness of BC, Yukon and Alaska and I thank them for the interest that they have shown. I thought that perhaps an introduction was in order in an attempt to put the traverses that we have undertaken into perspective and to get to the underlying reasons for the places we have chosen to visit. I do not attempt here to give a definitive review of the traverses that have been undertaken in the Coast Range and St. Elias Mountains. I will simply tell you what I know and leave it at that, and I apologize to anyone who I might have missed. Especially if knowing about the trip would have changed our destination one year. Non of this is earth shattering anyways, it's just an addiction!

First and foremost I have to make one thing clear: none of this would have been possible or enjoyable for a second without the enthusiasm of an incredible group of friends with whom to share these trips. We have had remarkable times together that have shaped us as people. Everyone that has participated in a traverse along this 17 year route has been named below. I would, however, like to especially acknowledge two people. The first is my dear friend Markus...

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