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ManTown: Circumnavigation of the Ramparts
Timestamp Free: 2020.11.25 - 01:35:33
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges
  (6 days)
Participants: Peter Amann, Jim Kehl, Richard Parloe, Sage Dalton
Difficulty: 3: Difficult hiking without trails, river crossings, glacier travel.
Up Portal Creek to Moat Lake, over Barbican Pass, to Icefall Lake, over Scarp Pass, to the Fraser glacier, over the pass down to the Wates Gibson hut, out the Astoria River
During the best weather of the summer, and in mid September (no bugs!) I was lucky to do a trip that I have always wanted to do. An old photo in the Wates Gibson shows Geikie Meadows, Icefall Lake, Postern Peak and Mt. Bennington. This looked to be an alluring and remote place.

Day 1 - Portal Creek To Maccarib Campground
Two of us from Jasper,(Peter Amann, Richard Parlsoe) and two from Florida, (Jim Kehl, Sage Dalton) packed up and hit the Portal Ck Trail with big heavy packs. Our destination the first night was Maccarib Campground. A longish day, and our feet were already feeling it.

Day 2-Moat Lake, Barbican Peak
Day 2 we got going at about 9:30am (our standard departure time) heading to Moat Lake. First winding in numerous directions, the trail crossed the outlet stream of Moat lake and then just kind of quit. We stayed on the right shore of Moat lake, along semi swampy sand, heading for the Park Boundary. We wanted dry land to have lunch on. We added our names in pencil to the plaque at the boundary, with some entries dating back to the turn of the century, we signed in as "The Jasper-Florida Project."

Our destination today was the pass beyond Barbican Peak. Following the beautiful meadows beyond Moat lake for an hour or so, we stayed on the left of the river. It soon became harder with boulders and swamp. Under Barbican we traversed up to treeline, then contoured around in the basin avoiding the huge moraines. Following the creek up we found an old camp site. We found an old fire ring with mosses covering it. I wondered who had been here in the past? We wouldn't get over the pass today as it was getting late. This just felt like the place to stay.

Day 3 - Over the Pass west of Barbican
Next morning we headed up to the...

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