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Dip Slope Mountain, west flank, first recorded ascent
Timestamp Free: 2020.11.24 - 20:35:28
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges
  (4 days)
Participants: Graeme Pole, Marnie Pole
Difficulty: 3:
The first recorded ascent of Dip Slope Mountain.
We took two days to approach from the Icefields Parkway via Quartzite Col, Clearwater Pass, and the Clearwater Valley. We left the Clearwater trail at 51:44.8-116:11.7 and lucked-out picking our way across the valley and the river. (There is a small canyon where the contours are tight.) We crossed into the tributary valley (51:43.5-116:10.3) nestled under the west flank of Dip Slope and its northern outliers. The stream in this valley eventually dries up. We passed an old camp - possibly from the Dominion Topographic Survey days - on our way to the prominent headwall at 51:42.8-116:09.5. There are several breaks in this cliff, the one we used was a steep and loose scramble. We pitched camp beside the tarn at 51:43.4-116:08.8 and hurriedly completed an evening ascent and descent of the peak via a mountain of boulders on the lower slope and interesting slabs on the upper slopes. Astounding views and no cairn (51:42.6-116:07.7) - not a sure indicator of a first ascent in my experience, but in this case, a good bet. Next day, we ascended the glacier to the south (crevasses), nipping up the unnamed peak at 51:41.7-116:07.7. We crossed the col at 51:41.6-116:08.1 and descended the valley to camp at "Three Brothers Lake" (51:40.2-116:07.5). On the fourth day we hiked out over North Molar Pass....

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