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Tantalus Range Ski Traverse
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.13 - 11:46:14
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (5 days)     Elevation Gain: 4000m
Participants: Jos Van Der Burg; Blair Mitten; Ian Smith; Gerry Egan; Paul Kubik;
Difficulty: 5: Steep ski traverses, some avalanche danger, cable crossing
Describes a 5 day traverse of the Tantalus Range in late spring. Lots of photos.
Synopsis: This trip report describes a ski mountaineering traverse of the rugged mountain peaks seen by travelers along the Sea to Sky Highway north of Squamish.

Five members of the BC Mountaineering Club successfully completed a five day traverse of the Tantalus Range in late spring. Despite its proximity to Vancouver parts of the mountain range are seldom visited, protected as it were, by a total lack of roads, a major river, bush, cliffs and glaciers.

The People

Paul Kubik - the putative leader. His ambition is matched only by his folly. His destiny lay with the Lake Lovelywater cable crossing and a four inch steel biner.

Jos Van Der Burg - the six foot three hot house grower from Maple Ridge spends his weekends cooling off in the mountains. His powerful tele-turns proved English Cucumbers are mightier than Voile release bindings.

Blair Mitten - no stranger to mountaineering misfortune. His point-counterpoint critique of the organizer's route selection ensured we didn't return in body bags. Ultimately, the successful conclusion of the trip hinged on a four inch section of hacksaw blade he had carried for ten years in his emergency kit.

Ian Smith - the big wall climber, always with a card up his sleeve. His aces - a grand lead over a snow bridge on the Rumbling Glacier, remounting fractured tele bindings with a hand drill and a nail, Alpine Aire blueberry dessert in the sun at the Red Tit hut. His joker - a late night car shuttle after car keys were lost and all plans fell completely apart.

Gerry Egan - a relative novice mountaineer although a good skier. He proved himself highly capable of sleeping twelve hours a night, except the last, when in typical Lake Lovelywater fashion the evening began to take on epic...

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