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Dam mountain (winter/via Beck trail)
Timestamp Free: 2019.06.16 - 14:51:58
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Howe Sound Group
  (1 days)
Participants: Richard Howard, Toby Jesso, Bruno the dog
A day hike from Grouse parking lot to the top of Dam Mountain in the snow.
Bruno the dog sprang off into the bush to catch the Beck trail that leads from the upper northeast corner of the Grouse mountain parking area. Knowing that local trails shouldn't be under estimated at this time of season, and wanting a workout, we headed for the top of Dam mountain.
 In my usual way, I cursed the dog for tripping me up on the trail. You see Bruno is a scatter brained lab that many times has been heard in a valley yelping because he can't cross a log or jump a rock that a Chihuahua could. He is neurotic! This trip however he would make the trail great!
 We hit snow line at 3087ft and within meters it started in over our boots. Not thinking too much of it, within 15 minutes we where into it above the gaiters. Pushing onward and upward the dog was starting to prove himself greater than any Chihuahua. All summer markers had disappeared and we followed Bruno as he sniffed out the trail. As a team we punched on until the dog could no longer rise above the snow pack.
 For years Toby and I have hiked with this dog, planning that if we ran out of food we would eat him, but now he has earned a partnership in route finding and trail blazing. I feel bad about those thoughts now. At 3,981ft the dog could no longer leap ahead and dropped behind the two of us. Waist deep in snow we lifted legs high that would make professional river dancers proud.
 The usual 1.5-hour hike took 5 to where we came across a group of Grouse mountain snowshoe renters at the top. (Smart people but we are 10 dollars richer!) We had our tea and chocolate, and then headed for the BCMC trail on grouse back down to the parking lot, where my best friend Bruno was lifted into the Jeep.
 As he flopped there dead to the world I thought of how good that dog was? And how hard he...

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