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Ben Lomond-another bike and whack! hike.
Timestamp Free: 2018.09.24 - 00:38:35
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Sky Pilot Group
  (1 days)
Participants: Tim Ryan; Blair Mitten Scramble.
A good ride up Furry Creek logging road to a flagged route leading to the alpine from where Ben Lomond is easily climbed.
We turned off Highway 99 near the top off the big hill just past the Furry Creek golf course, this is a relatively new road past the Phylllis and Marion Lakes road that used to be the Furry Creek access. This road soon forks with the left branch heading toward the Mount Sheer townsite and the right fork bearing into a substantial gate. Best park here and we did. This is a much improved access into the Furry Creek drainage with reasonable climbs for our stout hearts and low gears. After a climb the road enters the Furry Valley that it follows at a reasonable grade. We passed an active tree-picker machine that allowed one man to pluck a whole block of forest, selectively.

After this a road not taken to the left climbs and stops. If you hike up the woods veering left and crossing a creek a mine entrance can be found with an old bunkhouse, and gondola station, and colourful waters. We continued, wading a significant creek. We dare you to ride it! The road gets bushier and look for a fork to the left before the height of land with an orange square metal trail marker above a faded white sign. "To the Alpine" it says so "to" we go. Stash the bikes here. Follow a decommisioned road looking for an unmarked even more decommisioned road heading off right following a level contour. No marks but your on the right trail when you pass a rusted circular saw blade impaled in a log by Paul Kubik, the creator of this route.

Follow the once-a-road to a switchback before a creek and find a marker and flagging above the road bank. The flagging marks your route up the west side of the creek to the alpine. Rocks and meadows lead to the pass and a view of Sky Pilot, Red Mountain and the lakes at the head of Omer Creek. The Ben is easily climbed from here on snow and easy rock. Firm boots...

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