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System forces me to login each new visit Back To List
Last Review:   Review Date:2015.03.04

On the User Login Page, there is a check box that says

"[x] Autologin Next Time

It is supposed to automatically log you into Bivouac every time you come to the site, without requiring you to even go to the login form. However, as of 2017.09.26 this feature is very tricky to use because the browsers themselves may have various password management and auto sign-in functions that interfere. Also your browser settings may prevent it if they won't store cookies.

Today, I spent several hours investigating the various browser features, and at the end of my investigations, the bivouac auto login worked on all platforms. But I remember that previously it didn't work, perhaps I had something wrong on my browsers. Anyway I will tell you how it is supposed to work, and it is up to you to make sure your browser settings are not interfering. As of 2017.09.26 here are the platforms and browsers where I have verified it works:

  - Windows 10 for both Firefox and Chrome
  - Android
  - Windows XP
  - Macbook Pro: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  - Apple Tablet: Safari

Firefox on In other cases, you may have to actually go to the login screen each time and type the first letter of your login.

 Here's how the bivouac scheme works. When you check the "Auto Login" box and then login, the bivouac website sends your your browser two permanent cookies. Your browser is supposed to store these permanent cookies on your hard disk. The permanent cookies contained your login and password.

Don't confuse permanent cookies with the temporary cookies. See System Forgets I am Already Logged In. Permanent cookies only help with initial login, they have nothing to do with keeping track of your login as you go from page to page within Bivouac.