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Last Review:   Review Date:2015.07.10

I get frequent emails from people who have trouble logging in. Sometimes they have forgotten which email address they used, or have forgotten their password.

The first thing to do is to try and use the "Forgot My Password" mechanism, which is on the login page. Go to the home page, click "Login/Subscribe", then click "Forgot My Password". It asks for your name (or part of it). That pops up a page called "Show Matching Users", which gives you two options:

1. It shows your password reminder
  2. It has a link called "Email Yourself Your Password"

If you still have trouble, email me at the regular Contact Us link, and tell me your name, and I'll immediately search to find your old login record. You should always try and get your old login record working rather than create a new one, because established login records have more privileges.