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Gpx File Won't upload Back To List
Last Review:   Review Date:2016.11.02

Gpx files are giant text files. Bivouac allows you to upload .gpx file to a trip report or Waypoint Working File by means of the "Upload Raw Gpx" link. The simplest .gpx file we are talking about is one that contains a single track log exported from your gps.

However, a gpx file can also contain other things other than a single track log, such as a collection tracklogs, a collection of individual waypoints or a "route". In this case, I'm not sure it always works.

I did not write the code that uploads .gpx files to Bivouac, it is just general code. If you have a gpx file that will not upload, here is what to check:

  1. Does it have just a single track log?

  2. Try uploading it using some other program. Eg: GPX Visualizer

  3. Investigate with notepad
     A gpx file is just a giant text file. What I have done on occasion is open them up with a text editor such as "Notepad", and then have a look for problems. A useful debugging technique is to chop out small pieces of the file into another file, complete with the necessary header information. You can see the structure of a gpx file by looking in any of the files downloaded from bivouac. In general there is a "trk" tag and then hundreds of "trkPt" tags, each with a Time, lat-long, elevation, etc. You can sometimes tell the problem by looking at the times.