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System Forgets I am Already Logged In Back To List
Last Review:   Review Date:2015.07.10

I log into the system, but when I go to the next page to try to read trip reports or photos I get the message that I have to be a paid member to see them. What is the problem?

Answer: This is the most common problem people have with the website, and I've helped at least 50 people with this problem. The problem has always been the "Privacy" settings in your browser are too high, such that your browser no longer returns the temporary "session" cookies. Without the session Id, the bivouac server does not know you are the same person (session) who just logged in. For example, when you log in, I tell your browser you are session 12345. When you subsequently request a trip report page, your browser is supposed to send back the session number. I see the session number and know it is a paid session. If I don't get a session number, I assume it is a fresh unpaid session, and you get the "unpaid" message.

By default, your browser is supposed to send those session cookies. However, if you set the "privacy" setting in your browser too high, it stops sending back the session id. Then I don't know who you are. To fix your browser, you need to reset your privacy settings back to "medium" level.

  Don't confuse this issue with System forces me to login each new visit. Both involve cookies, but the current problem involves the temporary "session" cookies, whereas the other involved permanent cookies. See