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Ex-Officio BUZZ OFF shirt
Generic Name: Button-Front Long-Sleeve Shirt
Manufacturer: Ex-Officio Model: BUZZ-OFF Model Years: 2005
Weight: a couple of ounces perhaps Cost: $84US (ouch!)

Objectives: After spending a week near Lake Lovelywater in July being eaten alive by all manners of bugs, I was looking for some protection for the long days and evenings near Ross Lake in early August.

I was visiting for long-sleeve shirts to paddle in (with side-vents) when I came across this shirt. Emboldened by REI's iron-clad guarantee of 100% satisfaction, I read the specs, pondered the purchase then swung by the REI store in Bellingham on my way to Ross.

This proved to be a good purchase for the Ross Lake canoe trip I just completed - but the jury's still out for continued use. Stay tuned.

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