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Garmin Oregon 450t Touchscreen GPS
Generic Name: Touchscreen Mapping GPS
Manufacturer: Garmin Model: Oregon t firmware 3.20 Model Years: 2010
Weight: 192 Cost: 499.00

Objectives: Please see the updated report titled Key Uses of a GPS, which covers both the Oregon and Montana.

I was looking for a mapping GPS to use on extended backcountry trips. I want to periodically pull the GPS out of my pocket, turn it on, determine my location, and mark a waypoint. Battery life is important, since I often do multi-day backcountry trips. In addition, to backcountry use, we occasionally use a GPS while driving in the car to see street maps.

In the past year, I've been using a Garmin Legend Cx. I want to see how much better the Oregon 450t might be. I wanted to know if the larger screen of the 450T was worth the extra power and cost, as compared with the Garmin Legend Hcx which I've used extensively.

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