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1. Hiking
  1.1 Clothing
        2017.01.10Arcteryx Theta AR Jacket  Robin Tivy
  1.2 Hiking Boots
        2018.11.16Meindl Himalaya Hiking Boots  Robin Tivy
  1.3 Packs
        2018.11.15Arcteryx Alpha FL 45 Alpine Backpack  Robin Tivy
        2012.10.20Arc'teryx NoZone 55 backpack  Alex Joseph
  1.5 Trail Maintenance
        2015.10.30Coghlans 21" Folding Handsaw  Robin Tivy
        2012.12.28Stihl MS 192T Chainsaw  Len Zedel
        2011.12.05Bahco Forestry Bypass Lopper - P19-80  Chris Ludwig
        2011.08.17Florian 7" folding saw curved blade  Andrew Wong
  1.6 Rock Climbing
        2010.05.22Beal Rando 8mm Dry Rope - abrasion resistance low  Serguei Okountsev

2. Camping
  2.2 Tents
        2013.10.04MSR Hubba Hubba HP Tent  Robin Tivy
        2011.09.15Integral Designs MK1XL: A Tent or a Condensation Trap?  Sandra McGuinness
  2.3 Cooking
        2011.04.24Primus 96 Stove (Historic Kerosene Stove)  Len Zedel
  2.9 Other camping gear
        2010.04.11SteriPen UV Water Purifier  Dean Richards

3. Snow and Ice
  3.1 Skis
        2016.04.04G3 Targa Telemark Bindings  Robin Tivy
        2012.07.22Hagan Daemon skis  Peter Malacarne
        2011.04.26Dynafit Manaslu touring skis  Linda Johannson
  3.2 Ski Boots
        2014.01.23Rossignol bcx5 Nordic Norm Ski boots  Robin Tivy
        2012.07.23Scarpa Maestrale Ski Boots  Peter Malacarne
  3.3 Climbing Skins
        2011.04.26Dynafit Speedskins  Linda Johannson
        2010.05.08G3 Alpinist elle climbing skins  Betsy Waddington
  3.4 Crampons
        2019.09.14Camp Stalker Crampons  Josh Winfield
        2012.07.22Grivel Air Tech GSB Crampon  Peter Malacarne
        2010.04.24B&D vs. Voile Telemark Ski Crampons  Christian Veenstra
  3.5 Ice Axes
        2010.01.14Grivel Air Tech EVOlution  Peter Malacarne

4. Electronic
  4.2 Cameras
        2011.04.06Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 camera with GPS functionality  Dieter Kepper
        2010.04.14Panasonic DMC-GH1 Digital Camera  Vern Dewit
  4.4 Batteries and Chargers
        2012.11.29AA Battery - Duracell Rechargables  Robin Tivy
        2012.11.29AA Battery - Sanyo Eneloop XX Rechargable  Robin Tivy
  4.5 Rescue Radios
        2017.06.16Choosing an SOS Device - ACR ResQlink  Steve Grant
        2011.08.23Spot Personal Tracker  Mitch Thornton
  4.7 Other Electronic
        2015.11.01Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp  Robin Tivy
        2014.10.15Delorme InReach SE  Robin Tivy
        2012.07.20Sony PRS-T1 e-Reader  Robin Tivy
        2011.02.09Danescook 3kg/1g Digital Scale  Robin Tivy

5. GPS Maps
  6.1 GPS Hardware
        2012.07.12Garmin Montana 650 Touchscreen GPS  Robin Tivy
        2010.06.04Garmin Oregon 450t Touchscreen GPS  Robin Tivy
        2010.04.08Garmin ETrex Legend Cx (and Legend Hcx)  Robin Tivy
  6.2 GPS Maps (Garmin)
        2010.07.30Garmin eTrex Vista HCx - Swapping Loaded Mapsets  Steve Grant
        2010.07.30Ibycus Mapsets - for Garmin GPS, by Donation  Steve Grant
  6.4 Digital Maps
        2010.01.07Review of Memory-Map (As Compared with Softmap or Topo!)  Robin Tivy

6. General
  5.1 Canoe and Kayak
        2011.06.27Canoe/Kayak Carts Gallery  Steve Grant
        2011.05.24Western Canoeing - Expedition Canoe Wheels  Robin Tivy
        2011.04.26Primex Foam filled canoe wheels don't roll under load  Robin Tivy
  5.3 Cars/Trucks
        2018.02.22Noco GB40 Lithium Jump Starter  Robin Tivy
        2017.10.25Thule Podium Fixpoint Foot Pack - Roof Racks 460  Robin Tivy
        2013.08.23Ford Escape Hybrid AWD  Steve Grant
  5.9 Other general gear
        2016.01.03G3 240 Tech Avalanche Probe  Andrew Wong
        2015.06.28ICOM IC-F3011 VHF two-way radio  Andrew Wong
        2013.01.27Motorola RDU4103 two-way radio  Andrew Wong
        2010.08.31Silva Ranger CL Mirror Compass  Robin Tivy
        2010.08.27Suunto MC-2 and M-3 Compasses  Robin Tivy