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South Boundary Trail (The Brazeau Loop)
This is a Composite Route?

Dataset Used: 1K

Route Summary: Starts from Medicine Lake, goes up the Beaver River,

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Description: The South Boundary Trail is 165 km long, and for most of its length fairly remote. Only the Rocky Pass (Cardinal Pass) trail offers an escape route. Although it does not offer continuous spectacular views as it passes along a series of mostly forested valley bottoms, it does offer access to some of the least visited parts of Jasper National Park. The most scenic section is the most southern, which can also be reached through the Jonas Pass-Brazeau Lake loop.

Trail Segments Below are the individual trail segments that make up the composite trail. Click individual segments to see bulletins regarding conditions.
1. Jacques Lake Trail
2. Mid Rocky River Trail
3. Medicine Tent River Trail
4. Cairn River Trail
5. Brazeau S1
6. Brazeau S2
7. Brazeau S3
8. Nigel Pass Trail - East side
Lat-Long Km Description
  52.8483, -117.72220.0Medicine Lake 1436m (4711')
  52.8636, -117.72671.7KP South end of Lower Beaver Lake
  52.8842, -117.75084.6KP South end of upper Beaver Lake
  52.8914, -117.76145.7KP South end of 3rd lake
  52.9025, -117.77727.3Bend in trail to north
  52.9183, -117.76509.3Jct Merlin Pass Trail
  52.9269, -117.755110.6Creek flowing into south end of Jacques Lake
  52.9347, -117.744311.7KP cabin and campsite
  52.9342, -117.744811.8KP Cross to east side of Jacques Creek
  52.9341, -117.744911.8Cross stream at outlet of Jacques Lake
  52.9561, -117.624622.8KP first reach edge of Rocky River
  52.9295, -117.563328.4KP Cabin
  52.9112, -117.547430.7KP Cross major side creek from west
  52.9060, -117.546131.4KP Rocky River Suspension Bridge
  52.8430, -117.393044.3First trail jct near Medicine Tent confluence
  52.8430, -117.393044.3Confluence with Rocky River Trail
  52.7242, -117.134667.8Southesk Pass
  52.7242, -117.134667.8Cairn Pass
  52.6922, -117.061774.0KP Cabin shown on 1:50K
  52.6687, -117.009179.0KP First creek crossing
  52.6572, -116.960983.5Jct with Southesk River Trail
  52.6572, -116.960983.5Cairn Southesk Jct
  52.4864, -116.8807113.1Jct at Valleyhead Mtn
  52.3939, -116.9889125.7Jct Poboktan Pass trail, Brazeau S2
  52.3733, -117.0211129.1Lower ford? 1800m (5906')
  52.3381, -117.0217133.2Lower Campground 1860m (6102')
  52.3172, -117.0375136.0Upper Ford of Brazeau River, to east side 1870m (6135')
  52.2989, -117.0544138.5Upper Campground 1890m (6201')
  52.2839, -117.0758140.9Jct Jonas Pass Trail, Brazeau S3
  52.2836, -117.0758141.0Jct Jonas Pass Trail and Brazeau River Trail segment 3 1880m (6168')
  52.2817, -117.0769141.2Four Point Campground 1840m (6037')
  52.2775, -117.0803141.7over shoulder of hill 1920m (6299')
  52.2667, -117.0989143.5Ford Boulder Creek
  52.2597, -117.1050144.3W side of river, just N of Boulder camp 2020m (6627')
  52.2422, -117.0889146.6Jct
  52.2417, -117.0900146.7Banff National Park Boundary-Brazeau R Tr to NW 2205m (7234')
  52.2283, -117.0950148.4Lower Nigel Pass Trail 2030m (6660')
  52.1883, -117.0700153.6Crosses Nigel Creek
  52.1867, -117.0700153.8Parking Lot, Hwy 93 Icefields Parkway segment 3 1840m (6037')