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Swift Creek FSR #1251 (Swift Creek Road)
Dataset Used: 300M
Length: 7.6 km   Class:Spur1

How Labelled: The road is shown on the newer 1:50K NTS and BC Basemap map. For some reason, BC Basemap doesn't show Highway 99, but does show the paved spur under the Hydro lines.
General Route: Follows the main stem of Swift Creek to a shallow pass ("Quad Pass") about 5.5 km from Highway 99. The north side of the pass is a 955 meter high volcanic outcrop. The road crosses the pass into the drainage of the south fork of Culliton Creek. Near the provincial park boundary, the road switchbacks south to near 4500 feet about 3 km ENE of Brohm Ridge lookout. An important waypoint is that of the bottom switchback in the South Culliton. An incomplete spur branches off at the switchback and heads towards the lava flow below Warren Glacier ("Old Growth Valley").

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