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Below is the portfolio of Greg Jones starting from 2019.11 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

The minimum for a Trips to be counted is 25 points.
2020.09.1550Mount Putnik: Direct Route via Kananaskis Lake
2020.03.2537Barnaby Gully Ski
Total for Trips is 87 points.

Photo Essays
The minimum for a Photo Essays to be counted is 6 points.
2020.11.229Storelk Mountain - North Face
2020.09.128Mount Cooper and the Spokane Glacier
2020.04.085Mount Fee East Face
2020.01.319Volunteer Peak and the Ryan River Headwaters
2019.12.287Yukness Mountain and Mount Hungabee
2019.12.177Cotard Peak - Northeast Face
2019.12.057Majestic Peak - West Face
2019.12.0112Mount Pocaterra - East Face
Total for Photo Essays is 64 points.

Road Bulletins
2020.11.235Gated at ~5 KM
2020.11.223Barricade at 5.6 KM. Bike/hike to the end
2020.11.188Great shape
2020.11.158Snow covered. Fantastic ski conditions
2020.11.1210Decent shape
2020.11.108Snow above 2000 m
2020.11.063Good 4wd shape to fire lookout
2020.11.018Good shape, snow and new logging
2020.10.293Private Road. Need permission to access.
2020.10.143Construction at start
2020.10.061Good shape to 16 KM
2020.10.061Good shape to the White River FSR
2020.10.065Excellent shape
2020.10.053Reported good shape to the end
2020.10.053Good shape to Joss Mt Trailhead
2020.10.053Great shape to 10 KM
2020.09.293Road closed permanently
2020.09.263Good shape for LC AWD
2020.09.263Great shape
2020.09.103Great shape
2020.09.103Good shape to top
2020.09.098Good shape
2020.09.098Great shape, trail extended, toilet looked new?
2020.09.068Decent shape to the A-Frame at 26 KM
2020.09.043Great shape. Logging traffic
2020.09.048No change
2020.08.271Decent Shape to Jumbo Pass TH
2020.08.273Good shape to the cabin
2020.08.228Great shape
2020.08.168Bumpy but decent shape
2020.08.163Good shape to 40KM
2020.08.168Decent shape, a bit bushy in spots
2020.08.103Great shape
2020.08.108Great shape, thanks to STMS
2020.08.103Steep, narrow and rough
2020.08.103Decent shape, HC 4x4 for last 1 KM
2020.08.103Great shape
2020.08.108Great shape
2020.08.103Decent shape up to Welsh Spur, watch for ruts
2020.08.093Still 4x4 HC
2020.08.023Good shape, use a bike
2020.08.028Good shape
2020.08.028Great shape
2020.07.293Washout at 11KM
2020.07.073HC in the last 5KM
2020.07.068Great shape. No blowdown
2020.07.068Great shape to 3 KM
2020.07.068Decent shape. Ignore blue flagging
2020.07.013Bridge Out at 15 KM
2020.06.268Good shape
2020.06.266Great shape
2020.06.268Great shape to the locked gate at ~3 KM
2020.06.253Good shape to end
2020.06.233Rough but good shape to end
2020.06.203Good shape all the way
2020.06.201Good shape to 49 KM
2020.06.203Good shape
2020.06.208Great shape
2020.06.203Great shape
2020.06.173Closed at 5 KM (Sign post 45 KM)
2020.06.143Decent 2wd shape to end
2020.06.143Decent shape to 29KM
2020.06.073Good shape to 2.5 KM
2020.06.061Impassable avalanche debris at 9KM
2020.06.033Closed due to washouts
2020.06.031Closed due to washouts
2020.05.273Decent 2wd shape to the end
2020.05.243Rough HC 2wd to Summer Lake
2020.05.241Bumpy 2wd to Galbraith
2020.05.193Good shape for biking/hiking
2020.05.193Open and in good shape to the top
2020.05.150Open today, good shape to end
2020.05.153Road open today, some mud
2020.05.113Great shape to Flathead/Harvey.
2020.05.113Good shape to 20KM
2020.05.085ATV/OHV only
2020.05.085Narrow 4x4 to 10 KM
2020.05.067Good Shape to 2 KM, poor shape beyond this point
2020.05.028Snow, mud, water and dry to the pass, dry on slopes above
2020.04.275Very rough HC 4x4 . Bridge out 13KM
2020.04.193Great shape. Bob Creek Wildland parking lot closed
2020.04.198Good shape to 15 KM, mud and snow beyond that
2020.04.198No access, not even by foot
2020.04.185Easy 2wd to 31KM
2020.04.135Good shape to end
2020.04.121Good shape, some mud to the winter gate
2020.04.045HC 4x4 to 6 KM
2020.03.315Good shape, brushed out
2020.03.275HC 4x4 to near end
2020.03.265Snow covered from winter gate
2020.03.145HC 4x4 to 12 KM, but probably better now
2020.03.085Good shape. 4wd to near end
2020.03.085Good shape to Lazy Lake
2020.02.265Good shape, narrow in spots
2020.02.1910Good shape, bit muddy on steep sections
2020.02.195Intermittent to the ridge
2020.02.195Decent shape once out of the flood damage
2020.02.195Great shape
2020.02.1110Good shape
2020.02.085HC 4x4 to 7 KM
2020.02.085Bridge out at ~21 KM
2020.02.0210Intermittent in spots
2020.01.288Very dry for January
2020.01.265Decent shape, loose up top
2020.01.265Gated at ~4 KM
2020.01.265Gated at ~7.5 KM
2020.01.265Locked Gate at ~15 KM
2020.01.265Used road to access Priarie Bluff
2020.01.265Good shape
2020.01.2110Good shape
2020.01.185HC 4x4 to the top
2020.01.175Good shape
2020.01.1210Good shape, mostly hiking
2020.01.1210Good shape, watch out for goat trails
2020.01.1210Good shape, use Miners Path Trail
2020.01.0610Great shape
2019.12.283Good winter condition
2019.12.278Good shape for skiing
2019.12.238Snow covered. Light crampons recommended.
2019.12.2110Decent shape until 1.5 KM
2019.12.185Trail has been improved
2019.12.113Good shape to Diana Lake Trail
2019.12.115Good shape
2019.12.113Lots of use
2019.12.113Good 2wd shape to 29 KM
2019.12.095Good 2wd shape to Harrison approach
2019.12.0110Good shape
2019.11.298Good skiing
2019.11.1910Good shape
2019.11.1910Good shape
2019.11.138Good shape, watch out for goat trails
2019.11.088Enough snow to ski
2019.11.0710Good shape. Muddy near the start in early summer
2019.11.0610Good shape
2019.11.0610Good shape
2019.11.0310Good shape. Some mud
2019.11.0310Good shape. One easy ford
2019.11.0310Good shape
2019.11.0110Snow covered
Total for Road Bulletins is 757 points.

AuthorTotal: 908