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Below is the portfolio of Fred Touche starting from 2019.01 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2020.07.2163In the Footsteps of Goats - Leckie Range Loop
2019.07.1755Central Shulaps Range - Scree Mixed With Snow
Total for Trip Reports is 118 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2020.07.269Epode Peak - Northwest Side
2020.07.269Slim Mountain - East ridge
2020.07.258Scherle Peak - North Side
2020.07.258Gait S1 - West Ridge
2020.07.258Leckie Peak - West Side
2020.07.259Porcupine Mountain - North Side
2020.07.258Lupen Peak from Northwest
2020.07.258Fisher NE1 - North Side
2020.07.255Fisher Mountain - North Side
2020.07.248Peggy Peak - North Side
2020.07.248Tillworth Mountain - North Side
2020.07.248Ursus Mountain and Shishbanga Peak - North Side
2020.07.248Gait W3 - East Side
2020.07.2410Tillworth South S2 - North Side
2020.07.2310Leckie SE1 - North Side
2020.07.2311Farrier Peak - West Face
2020.07.2310Calkin Peak - Northwest Side
2020.07.2210Gait Peak - West Face
2020.07.228Leckie Peak - Southwest Side
2020.07.229Gait N1 - West Face
2020.07.227Gait S1 - West Side
2020.07.2210Gait S1 - North Ridge
2020.04.115Notgott Peak - West Ridge
2020.04.114Tandem Peak - North Face
2020.04.116Tandem Peak - Northeast Face
2020.04.116Gotcha Peak - West Face
2020.04.116Pushki Peak - Southeast Ridge
2020.04.116Windfall Peak - Southeast Side
2020.04.115Sad Peak from Northwest
2020.04.116Outreach Peak - East Side
2020.04.116Cog Peak
2020.04.116Silent Hub Peak - Summit from Northwest
2020.02.194Joffre Landslide
2020.02.195Joffre Peak Post Landslides
2020.01.036El Capitan (Texas) - North Ridge
2020.01.039Black Butte - South Side
2020.01.038Shumard Peak - South Side
2020.01.039Guadalupe Peak - East Side
2020.01.036Hunter Peak - Southwest Side
2020.01.037El Capitan (Texas) - South Face
2020.01.038Bush Mountain - South Side
2019.09.154Mount Chief Pascall - North Face
2019.09.155Mount Chief Pascall Summit Block
2019.09.055Splindle Peak - Northeast Face
2019.09.053Bottom of Widowmaker Arete on The Camel
2019.09.054Godmother Peak - Southeast Side
2019.08.175Capilano Mountain - West Face
2019.08.055Mount Troubridge - Southeast Side
2019.08.056Walt Hill - South Side
2019.08.0511Goat Island Peak - South Side
2019.08.057Tin Hat Mountain - Summit Block
2019.08.058Muppet Peak - South Side
2019.08.059Tin Hat Mountain - Southeast Ridge
2019.08.044Mount Webb - Northeast Face
2019.08.046Cupola Peak
2019.08.044Goat Peak - South Side
2019.08.045Flora Peak - South Side
2019.08.045Williams Peak - Southeast Side
2019.07.154Mount Northgraves - Southeast Face
2019.07.0711Northern Shulaps Range - Peridotite E1 and Big Dog Mountain
2019.07.067Shulaps Peak - Southeast Ridge
2019.07.0610Brett Peak - Northeast Face
2019.07.0611Retaskit Peak - West Ridge
2019.07.068Mount Gallon - South Side
2019.07.068Shulaps E2 -West Ridge
2019.07.0610Shulaps E2 - Northeast Ridge
2019.07.0611Northwestern Shulaps Range
2019.07.0611Burkholder Peak - West Side
2019.05.204Mount Chief Pascall - North Face
2019.01.295Mount Kosegarten - Northeast Summit
2019.01.294Duchess Horn - North Side
2019.01.294Vantage Peak - East Side
2019.01.284Mount Duke - East Side
Total for Feature Photos is 515 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2020.08.053In Decent Shape
2020.08.0332-Wheel Drivable
2020.08.033Steep and Rough
2020.08.033Decent Condition
2020.07.155In Poor Condition
2020.07.153Mostly 2-Wheel Drivable
2020.07.153Being Graded
2020.02.193Bridge Still In
2019.09.148Steep Waterbars and Bridge Pulled
2019.07.155Brutal Trail
2019.07.025Passable with 2-Wheel Drive
2019.07.025Rocks On Road and Gatekeeper
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 49 points.

AuthorTotal: 682