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Below is the portfolio of Fred Touche starting from 2017.12 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2018.07.3052Mission Peak in a Day
Total for Trip Reports is 52 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2018.12.098Mount Index - North Face
2018.11.178Agassiz Peak - North Ridge
2018.11.178Humphreys Peak - Southeast Face
2018.11.178Humphreys Peak - East Side
2018.11.139Black Elk Peak - Southwest Side
2018.11.125Devils Tower - Southwest Side
2018.10.213Lady Peak - Summit Block from South
2018.10.214Lady Peak - Summit Block from North
2018.10.214Cheam Peak - Southeast Ridge
2018.10.159Mount Gardner - East Side
2018.10.074Illal Mountain - South Side
2018.10.074Coquihalla Mountain - East Ridge
2018.10.075Spiral Peak - Southwest Side
2018.10.075Jim Kelly Peak - Southeast Ridge
2018.10.074Illal Mountain - East Side
2018.08.304Flora Peak - Southeast Side
2018.08.156Coleman Pinnacle - West Ridge
2018.08.104Mission Peak - West Side
2018.08.065Blanca Peak - South Ridge
2018.08.066Exodus Peak - South Side
2018.08.066Dipper Peak - North Ridge
2018.08.064Blanca Peak - West Ridge
2018.07.297Mission Peak - West Slope
2018.07.299Sebring Peak - Southeast Side
2018.07.299Puck Peak from Northwest
2018.07.2912Eastern Mission Ridge and Mount McLean
2018.07.2911Tsee Peak - East Side
2018.07.299Western Mission Ridge and Puck Peak
2018.07.299Geodetic Peak - East Side
2018.07.174Three Brothers Mountain (First Brother) - South Side
2018.07.174Big Buck Mountain - North Face
2018.07.174Cousin Mountain - East Side
2018.07.175Fourth Brother Mountain - Southeast side
2018.07.177Third Brother Mountain - Southeast Side
2018.07.175Second Brother Mountain - East Face
2018.07.176Three Brothers Mountain (First Brother) - Northwest Side
2018.07.164Ostinato Peak - Southwest Slope
2018.07.163Ostinato Peak - North Face
2018.07.168Santa Claus Mountain - South Side
2018.07.165Mount Seton - North Face
2018.07.166Mount Malcolm X - North Face
2018.07.166Ample Mountain - West Side
2018.07.168Saddlebag Peak - North Face
2018.07.025Saddlebag Peak - Southwest Slope
2018.07.025Skimka Peak - Northeast Face
2018.07.026Kaoham Peak - East Face
2018.07.026Skimka Peak - Northeast Face
2018.07.026Modal Peak - Southwest Face
2018.06.025Hozomeen Mountain - North Side
2018.06.025Memaloose Peak - Northeast Side
2018.06.025Shawatum Mountain - East Side
2018.06.025Porcupine Peak - South Side
2018.05.314Soames Hill - Southeast Side
2018.05.314Mount Killam - South Side
2018.05.312Mount Liddell and Mount Gambier - Southeast Side
2018.03.225Lamb Mountain - Northwest Slope
2018.03.226Sheep Mountain - North Ridge
2018.03.227Lamb Mountain - Southeast Side
2018.03.226Sheep Mountain - East Face
2018.02.105Mount Shuksan - West Side
2018.02.106Mount Herman - South Side
2018.02.108Table Mountain - Southeast Side
Total for Feature Photos is 365 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2018.12.166New Seymour River Foot Bridge
2018.10.212In Great Shape but Busy
2018.10.067Minor Windfalls
2018.10.062Windfalls Cleared
2018.09.102Intermittently Flagged
2018.09.097Clear to 5 km
2018.08.202In Good Shape
2018.08.202In Decent Shape
2018.08.152Snow Patches
2018.08.056First Part of Trail to be Obliterated
2018.07.249In Good Shape
2018.07.234In Decent Shape
2018.07.162Snow Free
2018.07.116Windfalls Being Cleared
2018.07.111In Good Condition
2018.07.017New Windfalls
2018.07.016Mud Slide Update
2018.06.246In Good Shape
2018.06.241Rocks On Road
2018.06.121Intermittent Flooding
2018.06.027Snow and Windfalls
2018.04.102Re-Opening Sept. 2018
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 90 points.

AuthorTotal: 507