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Below is the portfolio of Ben Eby starting from 2019.11 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

The minimum for a Trips to be counted is 25 points.
2020.10.1453Up and over Melvin peak
2020.10.0355Climb Steep Peak in the smoke
2020.09.0968Sugus, Spindrift and Hemionus in a night
2020.08.3056Cayoosh mountain south east approach in summer
2020.08.2453Mount Seton from Saddle bag lakes
2020.08.1659Kwoiek creek to Haynon peak
2020.08.0263Delphinium lake (On Ipsoot-Rhododendron col)
Total for Trips is 407 points.

Photo Essays
The minimum for a Photo Essays to be counted is 6 points.
2020.10.2510Sunrise on Askom Mountain
2020.10.135Found peak from the valley of many lakes
2020.10.117Mt Hood Elliott glacier moraine
2020.10.1010Blustry mountain meadows
2020.10.064Tessitura from Downton branch 2
2020.10.039From Steep to Blowdown
2020.10.039Windfall and Pushki from the NW
2020.09.205Intlpam peak from Devils peak
2020.09.207Intlpam from Askom
2020.09.205Askom from hwy12
2020.09.197Laluwissen mountain above the Fraser river
2020.09.197Dunn peak from the west
2020.09.148Blockhead from Sugus
2020.09.149Xavier and Siwhe
2020.09.146Devils peak from the SW
2020.09.144Devils peak steep north face
2020.09.098Spindrift mountain from the south east
2020.09.099Hemionus Mountain in September
2020.09.097Overseer towering over the Lillooet River
2020.09.0910Sunset over Spindrift Sw2
2020.09.098Evening shot of Sugus mountain
2020.09.0910Sugus Mountain south ridge route
2020.09.097Hemionus Mountain from Sugus
2020.09.099Spindrift mountain north face
2020.08.184Melvin sw2 and Viola lake
2020.08.184Tenquille mountain and Goat peak from Chipmunk
2020.08.176Midian and Madyan
2020.08.167Kwoiek needle above Haynon lake
2020.08.167Kwoiek peak panorama
2020.08.168Haynon peak above Tzequa lake
2020.08.1610Haynon peak panorama
Total for Photo Essays is 226 points.

Road Bulletins
2020.10.035Drove right to the end
2020.09.093fast and easy, at least to north creek
2020.09.093Easy going
2020.08.305No problems, Road driveable to end
2020.08.173North Bend to Kwoiek creek fsr in good shape
2020.08.175Used trail and canoes to get to Haynon Peak
2020.08.163Still drivable
2020.08.025Good shape, and continues further back the valley
2020.07.253Still drivable most of the way
2020.07.111Road is not good for long...
2020.07.075Walkable but a bit overgrown
Total for Road Bulletins is 47 points.

AuthorTotal: 680