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Below is the portfolio of Steven Noel starting from 2020.01 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.
You can see the value breakdowns here:   Trips   Photos   Road Bulletins

The minimum for a Trips to be counted is 25 points.
2020.03.192016.10.0750Return to Farley Lake
2020.02.272019.06.0151Vision Quest Ridge to Allstones Peak Traverse
2020.02.262019.07.2152A Bright Idea: A Climb of Bright Star Peak
2020.02.262019.08.0361Mount Alexandra - Queens Peak - Mount Fresnoy Traverse (self-propelled)
Total for Trips is 214 points.

Photo Essays
The minimum for a Photo Essays to be counted is 6 points.

Road Bulletins
2020.04.272019.08.037Stock SUV derivable to last W-trending switchback
2020.02.272019.07.215Closed to vehicle traffic
2020.02.272013.08.085Extensively washed out in lower 3rd
2020.02.262019.07.217Flood damaged
2020.02.262019.08.313Mellow to King George Trailhead
Total for Road Bulletins is 27 points.

AuthorTotal: 241