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Below is the portfolio of Cliff Jennings starting from 2020.01 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.
You can see the value breakdowns here:   Trips   Photos   Road Bulletins

The minimum for a Trips to be counted is 25 points.
2020.02.101997.08.20301997 Hike to Brandywine Meadows
2020.01.202010.03.30372010 Peralta hike to Fremont Saddle & above for view of Weavers Needle
2020.01.172013.04.11372013 Peralta & Cave Trail Hike (Weavers Needle from Fremont Saddle)
2020.01.142010.04.1446Siphon Trail up Superstition Peak
Total for Trips is 150 points.

Photo Essays
The minimum for a Photo Essays to be counted is 6 points.
2020.12.171968.02.1571968 Whistler Bowl 02 (Cliff Jennings Peak) looking to Rainbow Mountain
2020.12.171997.02.152Whistler from Blackcomb 1997 pan
2020.12.171970.08.107Ipsoot Mtn 10 Moe, Weart & Wedge
2020.02.111997.08.205Brandywine Meadows Pan (Mount Weart to Garibaldi)
2020.01.212010.03.306Peralta Hike 63 pan (Weavers Needle from above Fremont Saddle)
2020.01.212010.03.308Peralta Hike 44 (wildflowers & Superstition Mtn)
2020.01.202010.03.3018Peralta Hike 60 pan (view East to Pinal Peak) labelled
2020.01.182013.04.117Peralta hike 24 (Ocotilla & Weavers Needle)
2020.01.142010.04.1414Siphon Draw Hike 76 pan (John Pinnacles & Four Peaks) Browns Peak
Total for Photo Essays is 74 points.

Road Bulletins

AuthorTotal: 224