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Below is the portfolio of Cliff Jennings starting from 2018.07 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2020.02.10301997 Hike to Brandywine Meadows
2020.01.20372010 Peralta hike to Fremont Saddle & above for view of Weavers Needle
2020.01.17372013 Peralta & Cave Trail Hike (Weavers Needle from Fremont Saddle)
2020.01.1446Siphon Trail up Superstition Peak
2019.12.26311968 Cornice Blasting
2019.12.2420Snowshoeing Als Habrich Ridge Trail
2019.12.17311966 Ascent of Mount Athabaska
2019.12.16351973 Highland Staff Helicoper skiing to Decker & Blackcomb
2019.11.27191971 exploring south side of Cloudburst Mtn
2019.11.17341968 Ski Little Whistler to mid station via VD Chutes
2019.11.12341968 Ski Whistler Peak to mid station
2019.06.14291968 Ski from Whistler to Creekside
2019.06.10231972 Whistler TV site on Sproatt Mountain 2nd descent
2019.06.09261972 Whistler TV site on Sproatt Mountain 1st descent
2019.06.03261969 Local Heli drop on Rainbow Mountain
2019.06.02251973 Day hike to Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes
2019.05.15182013 Cerise Creek hike
2019.02.25311972 Whistler Search & Rescue
2019.02.23281969 Skiout to Green Lake from Decker Mtn
2019.02.21331973 Locals Heli drop to Col between Weart Mountain & Mount Moe
2019.02.10322017 skating on Tyaughton Lake below Crane Peak
Total for Trip Reports is 625 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2020.02.115Brandywine Meadows Pan (Mount Weart to Garibaldi)
2020.01.216Peralta Hike 63 pan (Weavers Needle from above Fremont Saddle)
2020.01.218Peralta Hike 44 (wildflowers & Superstition Mtn)
2020.01.2018Peralta Hike 60 pan (view East to Pinal Peak) labelled
2020.01.187Peralta hike 24 (Ocotilla & Weavers Needle)
2020.01.1414Siphon Draw Hike 76 pan (John Pinnacles & Four Peaks) Browns Peak
2019.12.278Cornice blasting 06 (blast) view of Ember Mountain
2019.12.275Cornice blasting 04 (Overlord background)
2019.12.246Snowshoe Al's Habrich Trail 25 (sunset view of Mount Wrottesley)
2019.12.235TV Site-Helicopter in front of Rainbow Mtn
2019.12.2341971 TV site 02 (Mount Sproatt to lower slopes of Whistler)
2019.12.2261968 CJ Jumping off Whistler peak (Rainbow Mountain)
2019.12.177Mt Andromeda 06 (view of Mt Bryce)
2019.12.165Skiout to Green Lake 09 (Cliff with Wedge Mountain behind)
2019.12.1681969 Heli Ski 15 (view of shoulder of Mount Pattison from Decker)
2019.12.1661973 Highland Staff 05 (Decker Glacier looking at Shoulder of Mount Pattison)
2019.12.1651973 Highland Staff 01 (on Decker looking at Mount James Turner)
2019.12.166Skiout to Green Lake 05 (Cliff with Trorey Mountain centre)
2019.12.045Tea House Hike 15 pan (view of Mount Sloan)
2019.12.046Tea House Hike 17 pan (view of Mount Fergusson)
2019.11.2841971 Cloudburst 04 (view of Garibaldi Mountain)
2019.11.2751971 Cloudburst 05 (view of Tantalus Mountain)
2019.11.2751971 Cloudburst 02 (view of Table Mountain & Mount Garibaldi)
2019.11.2741971 Cloudburst 01 (view of Serratus Mountain)
2019.11.1851968 Glacier Bowl 01 (below Whistler Peak)
2019.11.1851968 Exhilaration 05 (Bobby Calladine) Whistler Glacier Bowl
2019.11.1751968 Exhilaration 02 (Little Whistler)
2019.11.1661968 Whistler Bowl 11 (Bill Chaplin & Brian Williams)
2019.11.1271968 Whistler Bowl 07 (John Lund VD Trees)
2019.07.042Whistler from Blackcomb 1997 pan
2019.07.0281970 Mount Tinniswood from Ipsoot Mtn
2019.06.2971970 Rhododendron Mountain from Ipsoot Mtn
2019.06.2832019 Rhododendron Mountain from Hurley FSR
2019.06.2071968 Gondola & Lower T-Bar on Whistler
2019.06.1161968 Whistler Bowl 02 (Cliff Jennings Peak) view of Sproatt Mountain
2019.06.0361969 Rainbow view of Whistler Alpine
2019.06.0261973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 08 view of Rainbow Mountain
2019.06.0261973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes view of Whistler Mountain
2019.06.0251973 Rainbow, Gin & Tonic Lakes 10 view of Wedge Mountain
2019.05.2971969 Armchair Glacier on Mount Weart
2019.05.1452013 view of Joffre from Cerise Creek Summer Trail
2019.02.2551972 SAR Igloo building on Little Whistler 02 crop view of Mount Weart
2019.02.127Skating on Tyaughton Lake 20 pan (Shulaps Range)
2019.02.116Skating on Tyaughton Lake 19 pan (Truax Mtn) 2160
2019.02.095Wedgemont Lake hike 01,Cabin below Weart Mountain
2019.02.097Wedge & Weart 09, Ole & Armchair Glacier below Mount Cook
2019.02.095Armchair Glacier 04 (serac collapse) below Mount Weart
2019.01.173Whirlwind 04 vert pan (Kees & Clare Hut)
2019.01.172Whirlwind 03 (Kees & Clare Hut)
2019.01.172Whirlwind 02 (Kees & Clare Hut)
2019.01.172Whirlwind 05 vert pan (Kees & Clare Hut)
Total for Feature Photos is 298 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2019.12.057Ice & log flow from Tyaughton Creek
2019.11.24101971 Logging Road
2019.07.028Grading update
2019.06.266Road has been recently graded
2019.03.109Bighorn Sheep
2019.03.089This winter frozen waterfalls
2018.12.071Pass plowed for logging
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 50 points.

AuthorTotal: 973