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Below is the portfolio of Lucas Earl starting from 2019.09 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2019.09.1775Attaining Mosquito Zen: 6 Days in the Slim Creek Headwaters
Total for Trip Reports is 75 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2020.01.038Lepton S2 from Slim-Nichols Pass
2020.01.037Stanza Peak summit block - from the west
2020.01.0310Monmouth Mountain telephoto from Stanza Peak
2020.01.038Mount Winstone telephoto from Stanza Peak
2020.01.038Lepton Mountain from Slim-Nichols Pass
2020.01.0212Lepton Mountain and Lord and Falls River peaks from Stanza Peak
2020.01.028Sorcerer Mountain from Stanza Peak
2020.01.0213Tillworth South Peak and the Dickson Range from Stanza Peak
2020.01.0210Nichols Peak - NW aspect from Stanza Peak
2020.01.018Mount Sampson and companion peaks from Stanza Peak
2020.01.0111Strophe Peak from Stanza Peak
2019.12.308Labeled Panorama SW from Stanza Peak
2019.12.308Stanza Peak summit ridge - from the east
2019.12.309Musket SW2 rising above Slim-Nichols Pass
2019.12.309Mount Steve - South aspect
2019.12.307Mount Athelstan from Stanza Peak
2019.12.279Griswold Pass panorama from Microscope SE1
2019.12.2712Musket SW3 - SW aspect
2019.12.2611Calvary Peak from Microscope SE1
2019.12.2611Jehovah SE2 from Microscope SE1
2019.12.269Microscope Peak from Microscope SE1
2019.12.2613Airfoil Peak telephoto from Microscope SE1
2019.12.2610Griswold Peak - North aspect from Microscope SE1
2019.12.2510Microscope SE1 - south slopes
2019.12.258Griswold Peak - West slopes
2019.12.258Meson Peak from Griswold Pass
2019.12.2510Microscope Peak from Griswold Pass
2019.12.258Baryon Peak and Griswold Pass from the northeast
2019.12.2510Sluice Peak and Warner Ridge from Microscope SE1
2019.12.2510AD27 - SE aspect
2019.12.2511Muon Mountain and the Subatomic Glacier
2019.12.258Griswold Peak from Griswold Pass
2019.12.238Lepton S2 telephoto - NE Aspect
2019.12.238Stanza Peak and wildflowers from east of Nichols Creek
2019.12.237Slim-Nichols Pass at dusk
2019.12.229Peggy Peak from the Slim Creek Trail
2019.11.0112Mount Loes - SE Aspect
2019.11.0111Griswold S1 and Nichols Creek
2019.10.058View Northeast from Tuber Hill
2019.10.058Stanza Peak and Sorcerer from Tuber Hill
2019.10.0412Glacier View Peak - NW Ridge from Tuber Hill
2019.10.0413Perry NE2 - east side from Tuber Hill
2019.10.0412Mount Wheatley - east side from Tuber Hill
2019.10.0410Ochre Mountain from Tuber Hill
2019.09.308Loes volcanic plateau from Tuber Hill
2019.09.3015Jehovah Peak telephoto from Tuber Hill
2019.09.298Glacier View Peak - NE slopes
2019.09.299Sorcerer Mountain from Mount Steve
2019.09.2910Stanza Peak and Sorcerer from Mount Steve
2019.09.2912Gun Mountain from the south slopes of Mount Steve
2019.09.2910Griswold Peak south aspect from Mount Steve
2019.09.299Meson Peak and Griswold Pass from Mount Steve
2019.09.299Musket W3 from Mount Steve
2019.09.299Gun S1 - southwest slopes
2019.09.2911Tuber Hill and Glacier View Lake
2019.09.2911White Cross Mountain from the northeast
2019.09.299Stanley Peak and the North Bridge Glacier from the east
2019.09.299Bridge Peak and Glacier from Tuber Hill
2019.09.2810Fisher Mountain north face - telephoto
2019.09.288Ursus and Tillworth Mountain: 18 years later
2019.09.289Sorcerer Mountain northern glacial amphitheater
2019.09.288Musket SW2 - south aspect
2019.09.2812Baryon Peak and the Subatomic Group from Mount Steve
2019.09.2811Lepton S2 from Mount Steve
2019.09.2810Peggy Peak and Tillworth Mountain from the north
2019.09.289Ursus and Fisher Mountains from the northwest
2019.09.279Diesel Peak from the Hurley River Road
2019.09.278Mount Penrose from Downtown Lake
2019.09.278Mount Xanadu from Downton Lake
2019.09.2710Poem Peak - NW slopes
2019.09.279Gait S1 from the south
2019.09.279Gait W3 from the southwest
2019.09.2710Fisher NE1 from the northwest
Total for Feature Photos is 699 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2020.05.222Open Thursday May 21
2020.05.122Soft reopen today
2020.05.113Basically a bushwhack from the start
2020.05.118Hiked 1 mi past the Middle Fork crossing
2020.05.113Similar condition as last year
2020.05.118Similar condition as last year
2020.05.112Freshly graded, closed at mi 18
2020.05.080Road reopened to end
2020.01.240Closed at Mile 9
2019.10.222Upper section reopened
2019.10.092Last damaged section slated to be repaired pending review
2019.09.245Washout repaired
2019.09.185Drove to jct with NF-4021, many potholes
2019.09.185Hiked to Lower Ashland Lake, trail in good shape
2019.09.185Drove to Ashland Lakes Trailhead
2019.09.185Drove to NF-4021-016, potholes
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 57 points.

AuthorTotal: 831