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Below is the portfolio of Lucas Earl starting from 2018.04 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2019.09.1772Attaining Mosquito Zen: 6 Days in the Slim Creek Headwaters
2019.04.0250Lilah v. Bear: Dayhike to Mount Dickerman
2019.03.1244Lake Ingalls/Longs Pass Lollipop
2019.01.1649Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm: 10 Years Later
2019.01.1047Melakwa Lake via Denny Creek
2018.12.1845Colchuck Lake via Stuart Lake Trail
2018.10.2443Proper Wilderness Stewardship on Teanaway Ridge
2018.04.1944An evening hike to Lake Serene
2018.04.0647Just part of the crowd on Mailbox Peak
Total for Trip Reports is 441 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2019.10.058View Northeast from Tuber Hill
2019.10.058Stanza Peak and Sorcerer from Tuber Hill
2019.10.0413Perry NE2 - east side from Tuber Hill
2019.10.0412Mount Wheatley - east side from Tuber Hill
2019.10.0410Ochre Mountain from Tuber Hill
2019.10.0412Glacier View Peak - NW Ridge from Tuber Hill
2019.09.308Loes volcanic plateau from Tuber Hill
2019.09.3015Jehovah Peak telephoto from Tuber Hill
2019.09.299Sorcerer Mountain from Mount Steve
2019.09.2912Gun Mountain from the south slopes of Mount Steve
2019.09.2910Stanza Peak and Sorcerer from Mount Steve
2019.09.2911Musket W3 from Mount Steve
2019.09.298Glacier View Peak - NE slopes
2019.09.299Gun S1 - southwest slopes
2019.09.2911Griswold Peak south aspect from Mount Steve
2019.09.299Meson Peak and Griswold Pass from Mount Steve
2019.09.2911White Cross Mountain from the northeast
2019.09.299Stanley Peak and the North Bridge Glacier from the east
2019.09.299Bridge Peak and Glacier from Tuber Hill
2019.09.2911Tuber Hill and Glacier View Lake
2019.09.2811Lepton S2 from Mount Steve
2019.09.2812Baryon Peak and the Subatomic Group from Mount Steve
2019.09.2810Peggy Peak and Tillworth Mountain from the north
2019.09.289Sorcerer Mountain northern glacial amphitheater
2019.09.289Musket SW2 - south aspect
2019.09.289Ursus and Fisher Mountains from the northwest
2019.09.2810Fisher Mountain north face - telephoto
2019.09.288Ursus and Tillworth Mountain: 18 years later
2019.09.2710Gait S1 from the south
2019.09.279Diesel Peak from the Hurley River Road
2019.09.278Mount Penrose from Downtown Lake
2019.09.2710Poem Peak - NW slopes
2019.09.2710Fisher NE1 from the northwest
2019.09.279Gait W3 from the southwest
2019.09.278Mount Xanadu from Downton Lake
2019.05.178Not Hinkhouse Peak from Longs Pass
2019.05.179Mount Stuart from below (south)
2019.05.177Lake Ingalls and Mount Stuart
2019.05.1711Mount Stuart telephoto from Ingalls Pass
2019.05.179Argonaut Peak from Longs Pass
2019.05.1610Not Hinkhouse Peak from Ingalls Pass
2019.05.1612Mount Stuart from Ingalls Pass
2019.05.159Johannesburg Mountain from the confluence of the Cascade River and Vee Creek
2019.05.159Esmerelda Peaks from near Ingalls Pass
2019.05.159Ingalls Peak from Ingalls Pass
2019.05.1511Pelton Peak and Basin from Cascade Pass
2019.04.0712Bonanza Peak telephoto from the top of Sahale Arm
2019.04.0710Forbidden Peak and Mount Torment from Sahale Arm
2019.04.078Eldorado Peak and wildflowers on Sahale Arm
2019.04.0610Mount Formidable from the top of Sahale Arm
2019.04.068Labeled Panorama South from the top of Sahale Arm
2019.02.147Eldorado Peak and Tepeh Towers from Sahale Arm
2019.02.1410Sahale Mountain and Doubtful Lake from the South
2019.02.1310Booker Mountain and the Upper Stehekin Valley
2019.02.1212Mix-up Peak from the Sahale Arm/Doubtful Lake Jct.
2019.02.118Johannesburg Mountain from the Cascade Pass Trail
2019.02.1110The Triplets Peak from the Cascade Pass Trail
2019.02.1112Cascade Peak from the Cascade Pass Parking Lot
2019.02.1011Chair Peak from Melakwa Lake
2019.02.1010Kaleetan Peak from Upper Melakwa Lake
2019.02.107Colchuck Lake Panorama
2019.02.0910Dragontail and Colchuck Peaks from Colchuck Lake
2019.02.097Jack Mountain SW Face - from Thunder Knob
2019.02.0913Cashmere Mountain from the outlet of Colchuck Lake
2019.02.099Colchuck Peak from Colchuck Lake
2019.02.0811Axis Peak from the Colchuck Lake Trail
2019.02.0412Three Brothers from the east ridge of Miller Peak
2019.02.049Miller Peak from the Southeast
2019.02.049Mount Stuart from Iron Bear
2019.02.0410Bearjack Peak from Iron Bear
2019.02.029Mount Index from the Lake Serene Trail
2019.02.0210Dirtybox Peak from Mailbox Peak
2019.02.029Thompson Point from Mailbox Peak
2019.02.0212Mount Index from Lake Serene
2019.02.028Kyes Peak from the Lake Serene Trail
2019.02.029Sloan and Foggy Peaks from the Lake Serene Trail
2019.02.0211Revolution Peak from Mailbox Peak
2019.01.166Mount Shepherd from Qualicum Beach
2018.09.2211Grassy Point from the Suiattle River
2018.09.2211Mount Brooks and Mount Elma from Lake Helen Mackenzie
2018.09.229Mount Brooks from Lake Helen Mackenzie
2018.09.2210Mount Elma from Lake Helen Mackenzie
2018.09.169Mount Stuart from Granite Mountain
2018.09.1612Kaleetan and Chair Peaks from Granite Mountain
2018.09.1610Spark Plug Mountain from Glacier Lake
2018.09.169West Granite Mountain from Granite Mountain
2018.09.167Surprise Lake from the Northeast
2018.09.159Silver Peak from Granite Mountain Trail
2018.09.1511Mount Defiance and neighbors from Granite Mountain
2018.09.1510Granite Mountain SE Ridge
2018.04.1511The Palisades and Marcus Peak from Sourdough Ridge
2018.04.1510McNeeley Peak from Sourdough Ridge
2018.04.159Banshee Peak and Cowlitz Chimneys from Sourdough Ridge
2018.04.147Frozen Lake and the slopes of Mount Fremont
2018.04.1411Sluiskin Mountain telephoto from Skyscraper Mountain
2018.04.149Mount Fremont from Skyscraper Mountain
Total for Feature Photos is 935 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2019.10.092Last damaged section slated to be repaired pending review
2019.09.241Washout repaired
2019.09.183Hiked to Lower Ashland Lake, trail in good shape
2019.09.183Drove to Ashland Lakes Trailhead
2019.09.183Drove to NF-4021-016, potholes
2019.09.181Drove to jct with NF-4021, many potholes
2019.08.118Generally good shape to bridge over Slim Creek
2019.08.1110Good condition, but blocked beyond McParlon Creek
2019.08.1110Blocked beyond McParlon West Road (~km 31)
2019.08.111Good condition, especially north of the pass
2019.08.115Well flagged, but some navigation still required
2019.08.113Still gated, seems likely to remain so for some time
2019.05.293Drove to trailhead at end
2019.05.290Similar condition as last year
2019.05.285Historical note: Bridge Washout
2019.05.222Open Thursday May 23
2019.05.222Open Thursday May 23
2019.05.222Open Thursday May 23
2019.05.170Road open for the summer
2019.05.165Historical Note: Permanent closure
2019.05.150Open for the summer
2019.05.101Washout to be repaired summer 2019
2019.04.233Blocked by snow 1 mi past N. Fk. Sauk Trailhead
2019.04.230Drove to N. Fk. Sauk River Jct.
2019.04.152Road will open this week (April 18)
2019.04.051Small washout at 1.5 mi
2019.04.045Newly bushed and flagged
2019.04.0312Hiked to summit, bear encounter
2019.04.023Snow free to bend around 3500 ft
2019.03.280Drove to South Suiattle Jct
2019.03.288Drove 2 mi past Rat Trap Pass Jct, deadfall needs clearing
2019.03.283Drove past start
2019.03.288Drove to edge of fence
2019.03.285Drove to Mineral Park CG
2019.03.288Drove ~2 mi
2019.03.288Drove to jct with NF-1571
2019.03.288Drove/walked to Kindy Creek
2019.03.137Good condition
2019.03.137Hiked whole length
2019.03.137Hiked past both ends
2019.03.137Hiked from north to south
2019.01.293Hiked to Alki Crest
2019.01.293Trail easy to follow, very little snow
2019.01.235Difficult and brushy
2019.01.235Unpleasant when wet
2019.01.235Hiked to the top
2019.01.235Overgrown, lots of blowdown
2019.01.225Mostly overgrown, does not go to Mutchler Creek
2019.01.116Drove to Denny Creek Trailhead
2019.01.117Hiked to Melakwa Lake
2018.12.197Hiked to Colchuck Lake
2018.12.197Hiked to Colchuck Lake jct
2018.10.3110Hiked to Red Top
2018.10.3110Drove full length
2018.10.3110Drove to end
2018.10.2612Hiked past upper end
2018.10.257Hiked from Teanaway Ridge to below Miller Peak
2018.10.259Drove south to pass
2018.10.2510Drove from top to bottom
2018.10.247Hiked full length
2018.10.247Hiked northern section
2018.10.247Drove to access Iron Bear Trail
2018.05.210Drove to N. Fk. Sauk River Road Jct
2018.05.213Drove to Curry Gap/Bald Eagle Trailhead
2018.05.170Gravel section has lots of potholes
2018.05.175Hiked to PCT, landslide is passable
2018.05.175Hiked to get to Dusty Creek
2018.05.102North Cascades Highway set to open Friday, May 11
2018.04.197Drove to access Lake Serene Trailhead
2018.04.197Hiked to Lake Serene
2018.04.195Trail closed for logging
2018.04.195Landslide completely destroys road
2018.04.077Alternate route to the summit
2018.04.0712Hiked to the summit of Mailbox Peak
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 382 points.

AuthorTotal: 1758