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Below is the portfolio of Lucas Earl starting from 2017.01 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2018.01.0949Investigation of the Suiattle River Trail
2017.11.0346Only one Surprise: Hike to Surprise and Glacier Lakes
2017.04.2950The Roar of the Wild: Granite Mountain (WA) Hike
2017.03.2048Volcanophobia: Daytrip to Burroughs Mountain
Total for Trip Reports is 193 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2018.02.137Skyscraper Mountain from the upper Granite Creek Valley
2018.02.138Burroughs Mountain from the northeast
2018.02.139Old Desolate Mountain from Skyscraper Mountain
2018.02.0910Mount Rainier and Winthrop Glacier Panorama from Third Burroughs Mountain
2018.02.0913Liberty Cap and Willis Wall from Third Burroughs Mountain
2018.02.0910Steamboat Prow from slopes of First Burroughs Mountain
2018.02.0911Whitman Crest from First Burroughs Mountain
2018.01.2811Old Desolate Mountain from 3rd summit of Burroughs Mountain
2018.01.239Burroughs Mountain from the east
2018.01.228Skyscraper Mountain from the 1st summit of Burroughs Mountain
2018.01.2210Little Tahoma Peak from the 2nd summit of Burroughs Mountain
2018.01.2110Mount Fremont from the 1st summit of Burroughs Mountain
2018.01.208Mount Thelwood from northern subpeak of Mount Tom Taylor
2018.01.209Golden Hinde and other big peaks from northern subpeak of Mount Tom Taylor
2018.01.209Antler Peak from the Burroughs Mountain Trail
2018.01.2010Matchlee Mountain from northern subpeak of Mount Tom Taylor
2018.01.208Mount Rainier and the Emmons Glacier from the Burroughs Mountain Trail
2017.11.229Kowus Peak from northern subpeak of Mount Tom Taylor
2017.11.199Moyeha Mountain from northern subpeak of Mount Tom Taylor
2017.11.1912Lone Wolf Mountain from northern subpeak of Mount Tom Taylor
2017.11.1812 Velella Peak from shoulder of Mount Tom Taylor
2017.11.189Mount Tom Taylor from northern subpeak
2017.04.087Big Interior Mountain from Tom Taylor Ridge
2017.04.0810Tom Taylor reflection in Bedwell Lake
2017.04.058Mount Septimus from above Cream Lake
2017.04.0511Cream Lake in late August
2017.04.018Nine Peaks from the Cream Lake Trail
2017.04.019Mount Thelwood from Big Interior Subpeak
2017.03.1211Bedwell Lake from Big Interior Subpeak
2017.03.1210Mount Tom Taylor from Big Interior Subpeak
Total for Feature Photos is 285 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2018.01.192Washout between Rat Trap Pass and Meadow Mtn. Trailhead
2018.01.133Jeep/raised 4x4 only, undrivable beyond 1 mi
2017.11.065Good condition, unsigned
2017.11.065Hiked to PCT jct
2017.10.240Closed above White River CG
2017.10.241Closed for the winter
2017.10.241Closed for the winter
2017.07.171Good condition, some loose gravel
2017.07.171Good shape, but watch for rocks
2017.07.171Good shape, but watch for rocks
2017.07.171Drove full section, good conditions
2017.07.172Good conditions, watch for large equipment
2017.07.172Similar condition to last year
2017.07.172Drove down road from south to north
2017.07.172Good conditions, watch for large equipment
2017.06.202Walked first couple kms
2017.06.202Drove to trailhead, some deeper ditches
2017.06.050Open to White River CG junction
2017.06.011Estimated to open June 9
2017.05.261Road now open for 2017
2017.05.151North Casacdes Highway set to open tomorrow
2017.05.105Hiked to Granite Mtn. Jct.
2017.05.104Clear in fall 2016
2017.05.105Hiked to Granite Mountain summit
2017.05.051Expected to open 5-19
2017.05.051Expected to open 5-19
2017.05.021Road now open 24/7, conditions permitting
2017.04.131Estimated to open late June
2017.04.132Estimated to open April 28
2017.04.130Expected to open late June
2017.04.132Closed for the season November 7
2017.03.313Trail somewhat hard to follow
2017.03.303Open for 3 miles from the southern end
2017.03.303Cleared to Alki Crest
2017.03.303Passable to Tolmie Creek
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 70 points.

AuthorTotal: 548