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Below is the portfolio of John Scurlock starting from 2018.09 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2019.10.0613Limestone Peak From The North
2019.10.029Dauntless, Vigilant, And Marvel Mountains From The North
2019.09.3010Hole In The Wall Peak From The Northeast
2019.09.298Wolf Fang Peak From The Northeast
2019.09.128The Southeast Face Of Mt. Proboscis
2019.09.117Cirque of the Unclimbables overview - Lotus Flower Tower, etc.
2019.09.116Mount Chown from northwest
2019.09.089Mount Savage, Northeast Face
2019.08.198Flint Mountain From The Northeast
2019.08.124The North Face Of Mt. Hooker
2019.04.2311Compton Mountain and Toba Peak From The West
2018.12.1011Coldheart Peak, Sawyer Glacier, and Tracy Arm, Looking North
2018.11.2212Mount Vreeland and the Monkman Glacier From The East
2018.11.097The Northeast Face of Booker Mountain
Total for Feature Photos is 123 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins

AuthorTotal: 123