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Below is the portfolio of Vern Dewit starting from 2020.01 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.
You can see the value breakdowns here:   Trips   Photos   Road Bulletins

The minimum for a Trips to be counted is 25 points.
2021.01.142019.08.0862A Long Day Trip up the Elusive Minster Mountain
2021.01.142019.08.1750A Solo Ascent of Minnow Peak
2021.01.132019.09.2456A Solo Trip into the Stenton Lake Area
2021.01.132020.07.0559A Pleasant Ascent of Mount Shanks
2021.01.132020.12.0550A Day Trip of Well Site and Hat (IG22) Mountain
2021.01.122020.06.2652An Easy Day Trip Ascent of Mount Soderholm
2021.01.122019.09.1545A Fun Scramble on Phillipps Peak
2021.01.122019.09.1552Easy Scrambling on Ostracized Peak and Sentry Mountain
2021.01.112020.07.0353An Ascent of Gibraltar Mountain via Mist Ridge
2021.01.112020.08.1560An Easy Day Trip Ascent of Mount Abruzzi
2021.01.112017.08.2056A Fun Scramble up Mount Lyautey
2021.01.082019.09.2258A Solo Trip up Scarab Peak in the Egypt Lakes Area
2021.01.082020.09.2052A Solo Trip of Mount Bishop, Horned Mountain and Bishop Ridge
2021.01.082020.08.0958An Easier Route on Mount Foch
2021.01.082020.09.2758A Solo Trip up Natalko Peak in the Egypt Lakes Area
2021.01.072020.07.1154Exploring Upper McConnell Creek and Ascents of Boar Station, Bellow and Howl Peaks
2021.01.072020.06.1954A Long Day Trip up Mount White and GI20 ("Grouse Peak")
Total for Trips is 929 points.

Photo Essays
The minimum for a Photo Essays to be counted is 6 points.
2021.01.142019.08.0810Panorama from Minster over Colt
2021.01.142019.08.0810Mount Minster and Sibbald Peak from Goat Ridge
2021.01.142019.06.307Chirp Peak as seen from just under Shale Pass
2021.01.132020.12.0510Hat Mountain Summit
2021.01.132014.11.087Warden Rock from the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch
2021.01.122019.09.2412Carrot Peak rises over Stenton Lake
2021.01.122019.09.1510Phillips Peak and Mount Tecumseh
2021.01.122014.09.205Shark Fin and Mount Soderholm
2021.01.112020.08.1512Mount Abruzzi Routes
2021.01.112020.08.1513Summit views over Mount Cadorna from Mount Abruzzi
2021.01.082020.09.209Horned Mountain and Mount Bishop
2021.01.082020.09.209Mount Bishop and Bishop NE1
2021.01.082019.09.2211The Sphinx and Natalko Peak over Mummy Lake.
2021.01.082019.09.2210Sugarloaf Peak over Mummy Lake
2021.01.082017.08.207Mount Sarrail and Mount Foch.
2021.01.082008.08.088Views up the French Creek Valley to Robertson, Sir Douglas and Prairie Lookout.
2021.01.072020.06.1913Mount White from the Upper Cascade Valley Trail
2021.01.072020.06.1912GI20 (Grouse Peak)
2021.01.062020.07.1111Bellow Peak
2021.01.062020.07.1111Howl Peak
2020.07.072020.07.059JI19 from Mount Shanks
Total for Photo Essays is 206 points.

Road Bulletins
2021.01.142019.08.087Trail Conditions Vary
2021.01.142019.08.177Trail Conditions Vary
2021.01.142019.08.177Trail Conditions Vary
2021.01.132020.07.055Trail in Great Shape
2021.01.132020.12.055Trail in Great Shape
2021.01.132020.12.055Road in great shape.
2021.01.132019.09.257Decent Travel in Creek
2021.01.122020.06.265Road blocked.
2021.01.122020.06.265Road in great shape.
2021.01.122020.06.265Road in great shape.
2021.01.122020.06.265Road is Driveable.
2021.01.122020.06.265Road in great shape.
2021.01.122019.09.157Road in great shape.
2021.01.122019.09.157Rough Road Bikable from West
2021.01.122020.06.263Brushy after ~1 KM
2021.01.112020.08.155Road in great shape.
2021.01.112020.08.155Road in great shape.
2021.01.112020.08.155Road in great shape.
2021.01.112020.07.035Trail in Great Shape
2021.01.082020.09.275Great Trail
2021.01.082020.09.205Great trail to the Bishop Creek Trail junction.
2021.01.082020.09.205Very Overgrown!
2021.01.082020.09.275Great Trail
2020.12.222020.07.213Well Travelled and Cleared
2020.12.222020.08.155Well Travelled and Driveable (4x4)
2020.12.222020.07.213Well Travelled and Cleared
2020.07.222020.07.213Not that well developed.
Total for Road Bulletins is 139 points.

AuthorTotal: 1274