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Below is the portfolio of Vern Dewit starting from 2017.03 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2018.07.1949A Fall Scramble of Mount Howard Douglas and Eagle Mountain
2018.07.1936A Scramble up Mount Potts from Grizzly Creek
2018.07.1940A Scramble up Mount Denny via Grizzly Creek
2018.07.1943A Scramble up Golden Mountain from Fatigue Pass
2018.07.1956Scramble of Fatigue Mountain from Citadel Pass
2017.10.1254A Day Trip into the Remote Castle Rock Peak
2017.05.2446A Winter Ascent of Peyto Peak
2017.05.2335White Pyramid as a Day Trip on Skis
2017.05.1859Mount Fryatt via Geraldine Lakes
2017.05.1746One Day Ascent of Woolley, Diadem and Mushroom Peak
2017.05.1643Little Alberta from the Woolley / Diadem Bivy
2017.05.0938An Ascent of Cirrus Mountain via Huntington Creek
2017.05.0343Scrambling the South Ridge of Bluerock Mountain
2017.04.2752A Spring Ascent of South Twin Peak
2017.04.2747Threepoint Mountain and Mount Rose in a Day
2017.04.2552West Ridge ascent of Mount Sir Douglas
2017.04.2548Ski Ascent of Andromeda SW2 (Androlumbia)
2017.04.2444Ski Ascent of Chickadee Peak (Chimney E1)
2017.04.2444One Day Ski Ascent on Andromeda (South Ridge)
2017.04.2043A bivy at Kerkeslin Lake and ascent of Evelyn Peak
2017.04.2041One Day Ascent of Resolute Mountain (Lion and Lioness)
2017.04.1549Mount Murchison (Possible 11,000er?)
2017.04.1447Rearguard Mountain on Skis
2017.04.1253Titkana Peak from Berg Lake via Snowbird Pass
2017.04.1248Devon Mountain via Quartzite Col
2017.04.1149Mount Collie in a day on skis from Bow Lake
2017.04.1044Spring Ascent of Mount Marlborough
2017.04.1053One Day Ski Ascent of Trapper Peak from Peyto Lake
2017.04.0952A Long Way to Marmota Peak
2017.04.0947Arctomys Peak from the Lyell Hut
2017.04.0948One Day Ascent of Portal Peak
2017.04.0852Mount Farbus from the Lyell Hut
2017.04.0751Mount Willis - A White Goat Wilderness Gem
2017.04.0745Fortress Mountain ascent from Catacombs Meadows
2017.04.0742Park Mountain Scramble via Biddle Pass
2017.04.0742Breaker Mountain in a day via Capricorn Lake
2017.04.0552Possible Second Ascent of Catacombs
Total for Trip Reports is 1733 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2019.02.2511Noetic Peak from Helena Ridge
2019.02.2512Mystic Peak from Helena Ridge
2018.07.269Mount Brussilof from Alcantara
2018.07.1910Orient Point from End Mountain
2018.07.199Mount Denny SW Face
2018.07.189Mount Currie from Cross Ridge
2018.07.1812Nestor Peak and Lake
2018.07.185Mount Turner Summit Block
2018.07.189Golden Mountain
2018.07.1815Nasswald Peak
2018.07.189Mount Potts
2018.07.188Simpson Ridge from the East
2017.11.158Fallen Peak
2017.10.189Peak DR3
2017.10.1215Puma Peak
2017.10.126Courcelette NW3
2017.10.1212Castle Rock
2017.10.1211Revenant and Apparition Mountain
2017.10.129Astral Peak
2017.10.1211Fallen SE2
2017.10.1211Kink Peak
2017.10.1213Spectral Peak
2017.10.1214Revenant Mountain (Panorama)
2017.10.1211Revenant and Apparition Mountain
2017.10.125Mount Muir
2017.10.126Muir SW2
2017.10.127Mount Shankland
2017.10.129Courcelette NW3 (Panorama)
2017.10.128Mount Abruzzi, Connor and Lancaster
2017.10.127Mount Cadorna, Swiderski, Battisti and Stilleto
2017.10.128Riverside Mountain
2017.10.1212Mount Davidson
2017.10.1212Mount Oliver
2017.10.129Mount Armstrong
2017.06.0810Landslide Peak
2017.06.0810Tuff Puff and Whirlpool Ridge
2017.06.088Bridge Peak
2017.05.248Panorama from Peyto Peak including Mount Baker
2017.05.237White Pyramid from Epaulette Lake
2017.05.179Panorama from Diadem Peak including Mushroom, Stutfield, Woolley and Alberta
2017.05.1710Twins Tower and Son of a Twin
2017.05.178Panorama from Woolley including Englehard, Cromwell and North Twin
2017.05.1611Panorama from Woolley including Mount Alberta, Palmer S2 and Palmer
2017.05.159Little Alberta from the Woolley Shoulder
2017.05.129Little Alberta and Surrounding Peaks
2017.05.0311West Twin from South Twin
2017.04.279Cougar Mountain from Threepoint Mountain
2017.04.2712Threepoint Mountain
2017.04.2712Bluerock Mountain and Mount Burns
2017.04.2711Panorama from South Twin Peak including Wales Peak
2017.04.278Mount Rose
2017.04.268Panorama from Cirrus including Tuft Peak
2017.04.2610Panorama from Threepoint Mountain including Cougar Mountain
2017.04.269Mount Rose Panorama including Threepoint Mountain
2017.04.259Mount Leman and Area Panorama
2017.04.2510Panorama from Bluerock including Mount Rose
2017.04.248Androlumbia Summit Panorama (includes Watchman Peak)
2017.04.2411Summit Panorama from Chickadee Peak (includes Peak B57)
2017.04.218Androlumbia (Andromeda SW2)
2017.04.2112Mount Saskatchewan (NW4, NW3) and area Panorama from Mount Andromeda
2017.04.218Farbus and area Panorama from Mount Andromeda
2017.04.209Windy Castle (Kerkeslin SE5)
2017.04.2012Panorama from Evelyn Peak including Empathy Peak
2017.04.2010Mount Kerkeslin and SE5 (Windy Castle)
2017.04.2011Iceberg Lake panorama including Vulture Peak
2017.04.2011White Goat Peaks (Troll, Dasent, Gruff)
2017.04.209Panorama from Lioness including Purple Mountain
2017.04.198Mount Pengelly and Darrah N2
2017.04.1911Barnes Peak
2017.04.198Darrah S2 and Centre Mountain
2017.04.1910Cline, Lion and Lioness
2017.04.198McGladrey and Ptolemy SE5
2017.04.158Division Mountain and Glacier Lake Panorama
2017.04.1512Panorama from Wilson to Lion, Lioness
2017.04.149North face of Forbes
2017.04.1313Guardgoat Peak over Cline Pass
2017.04.127Rearguard Mountain and Titkana Peak
2017.04.128Clearwater Mountain and Siffleur River Valley Peaks from Devon Mountain
2017.04.1212Mount Willingdon, Devon E2 and Devon Lakes area Peaks
2017.04.128Devon Mountain and Devon Lakes
2017.04.128Tatei Ridge
2017.04.119Fortuna, Tyche, Moriah and Rebakah from above Swan Pass
2017.04.118Mount Collie
2017.04.117Valad Peak and Mount Henry MacLeod
2017.04.118Moriah, Rebakah and FB06 from Swan Pass
2017.04.119Mount Waffl and Mount Robson from Berg Lake
2017.04.115Mount Waffl from Rearguard
2017.04.118Extinguisher Tower
2017.04.1113Lynx Mountain and the Robson Glacier from Titkana Peak
2017.04.109Mount Sarrail and Aster Lake peaks from Mount Marlborough
2017.04.0911Spreading Peak
2017.04.097Arctomys Peak Panorama
2017.04.099The Five Lyell Peaks
2017.04.0912Marmota Peak
2017.04.0910Hall Tower
2017.04.0911Porcupine Peak
2017.04.098Portal Peak
2017.04.0910Quill Peak
2017.04.0811Christian and Walter Peaks
2017.04.088Oppy Mountain and Lyell Creek
2017.04.086Arctomys Peak and Creek
2017.04.0713Mount Willis from Cline Pass
2017.04.0712Park Mountain
Total for Feature Photos is 982 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2017.10.127Road in good shape for 4x4's
2017.10.127Road in good shape
2017.05.247Used for approaching Trapper Peak
2017.05.247Used to approach Peyto Peak
2017.05.235Followed for Balfour Climb
2017.05.237Used for ski trip on Mount Collie
2017.05.187Harder to find than expected
2017.05.187Used for approaching Fryatt
2017.05.127A fall approach
2017.05.127A fall approach
2017.04.277In good shape
2017.04.277Damaged by floods of 2013
2017.04.257Trail in good condition to South Burstall Pass
2017.04.217No longer usable for climbers
2017.04.217Good condition - easy travel on good snow.
2017.04.137A wonderful section of Rockies hiking trail
2017.04.137Nice route in fall
2017.04.137Still in good condition
2017.04.137Steep and loose dirt snow and ice
2017.04.127Hiked trail enroute to tikana Peak
2017.04.087Hiked up to Hut, then peakbag from there
2017.04.087Bridge at km 13 washed Out
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 152 points.

AuthorTotal: 2867