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Below is the portfolio of Dean Richards starting from 2018.10 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2020.03.0943Puma and Puma S1 from Overnight Lot
2019.09.1732Bachelor Pass and Pyrite Ridge Recon
2019.08.1643Houdini Needles from Bill Putnam Hut (Fairy Meadows)
2019.08.1635Moonraker, Dogtooth, and Dawn in a Day
2019.05.2729Cloudburst hike via snow-covered NW Trail
Total for Trip Reports is 182 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2019.09.1711Argentine Mountain from the South
2019.08.167Enterprise Peak and Mount Sir Andrew from the Southeast
2019.08.1611Sir William Peak from the Gothics (telephoto)
2019.08.1611Southwest Ridge of Mount Quadrant
2019.08.1612Solitude Mountain from the Selkirks (telephoto)
2019.08.1611Lid Mountain from the Selkirks
2019.08.166Kitchen Range from the Selkirks
2019.08.1614Sophist Mountain from the Selkirks (telephoto)
2019.08.1611Mount Ed Falls from the Southeast (telephoto)
2019.08.169Copperstain Mountain from Moonraker Peak
2019.08.169'Shepherd Peak' from Moonraker Peak
Total for Feature Photos is 112 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2020.05.121Drove to Elaho turnoff
2020.05.103Hit snow at 4km
2020.05.101Drove to end, more or less
2020.04.191Snow-free to 800m/3.5km
2020.04.191Similar to previous post
2020.03.095Followed in entirety
2020.03.094Parked at Alexander Falls/Overnight Lot
2020.03.095All good
2020.03.095Well marked
2019.10.276Washed out after Cloudraker spurs, possibly passable
2019.10.271Closures extend, detour closed, good otherwise
2019.10.273Gate locked, bypassable, 'private road' sign
2019.10.273Drove entirety, good
2019.10.273Drove to Glacier Lake
2019.10.273Drove to highest point
2019.10.271Very steep in spots, but doable. Drove to top.
2019.10.273Drove to hot springs, fine
2019.10.273Probably not drivable after 1km
2019.10.273Road blocked intentionally by boulders at first fork
2019.09.241Beginning is easy to miss, rest is easy to follow
2019.09.231Fine, being used
2019.09.238Rough. But improved. But also rough.
2019.09.233Drove then walked
2019.09.168Brush growing in, need moderate clearance, 4wd helpful
2019.09.103Drove entire segment, active logging
2019.09.103Complete Alder has been achieved
2019.09.108Drove to washout, walked further, active logging
2019.09.108Drove past the beginning of it
2019.08.261Log trucks
2019.08.261Drove to Sims, log hauling from Maude Frickert
2019.08.266Can drive almost to Sims, but one washout, HC needed
2019.08.261HC 4WD, Washout at start, one steep section
2019.08.211Important Fork, and trail doesn't go to col
2019.08.211Light brush, med-high clearance
2019.08.2110Impassable erosion after Swan Ck
2019.08.193Main road impassable 1km earlier than previous post
2019.08.193Slightly better than previous bulletin
2019.08.193Decent tread developing, mostly well flagged
2019.08.167Drove to Swan Ck trail
2019.08.013Gate Locked, Biked to Downing Creek Rd
2019.08.011Much increased use
2019.08.013Rode bike to Beth Lake Trail
2019.07.303Drove partway, rough
2019.07.303Couldn't find it
2019.07.306Walked to end
2019.07.301Road has been extended, rough for last few km
2019.07.301Also confused this with Van Horlick Rd! East gate still locked.
2019.07.293Pretty easy to follow, but treads does disappear at times.
2019.07.296Work has commenced on road. Plan to walk, for now.
2019.07.293Very overgrown at start
2019.07.296Bit more work done
2019.07.241Drove to Yellow Aster Butte TH
2019.07.243Takes you nearly all the way
2019.07.243Hiked to Yellow Aster Butte Junction
2019.07.243Good shape
2019.07.023Some deadfall, no real issue
2019.07.023No snow, little deadfall
2019.06.251South Needle to Middle Needle
2019.06.033Mostly snow-covered
2019.06.031Used lower portion
2019.06.031Same as Chipmunk, maybe slightly worse
2019.06.031buck wild, kind've fun, HC 4wd
2019.05.291Good to South Needle, bit bushy
2019.05.287Trail work helps a lot and more is planned, but trail will eventually be inaccesible
2019.05.285May be permanently innaccessible within 10yrs
2019.05.285Second-hand info about road's future
2019.05.275Drove to last switchback
2019.05.273Drove half of distance from the west, was fine
2019.05.275Markers at beginning, then snow covered
2019.05.055Same as 2018
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 237 points.

AuthorTotal: 531