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Below is the portfolio of Dean Richards starting from 2017.12 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2019.05.2722Cloudburst snow-covered NW Trail
Total for Trip Reports is 22 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2019.07.021Some deadfall, no real issue
2019.07.021No snow, little deadfall
2019.06.251South Needle to Middle Needle
2019.06.033buck wild, kind've fun, HC 4wd
2019.06.031Same as Chipmunk, maybe slightly worse
2019.06.031Used lower portion
2019.06.033Mostly snow-covered
2019.05.291Good to South Needle, bit bushy
2019.05.285May be permanently innaccessible within 8yrs
2019.05.283Trail work helps a lot and more is planned, but trail will eventually be inaccesible
2019.05.285Second-hand info about road's future
2019.05.275Markers at beginning, then snow covered
2019.05.275Drove to last switchback
2019.05.273Drove half of distance from the west, was fine
2019.05.053Same as 2018
2018.08.223hiked for Bow Pk access
2018.08.083Hiked to summit, all good
2018.07.0210active logging, gate open, made it halfway up
2018.06.073Drove to approx 24km, somewhat washed out after that
2018.06.065Gate closed and locked
2018.06.065Gate closed
2018.06.061Gate open
2018.06.065Gated and locked
2018.06.065Pretty good
2018.06.065Gate still locked
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 86 points.

AuthorTotal: 108