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Below is the portfolio of Benoit Landry starting from 2017.01 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2018.06.245Shulaps Peak from the Hog Creek Road
2018.06.248Blue Peak from the Big Dog Mountain mining road
Total for Feature Photos is 13 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2018.09.302Spur extension has pushed trailhead back
2018.07.302Closed due to extreme landslide risk
2018.07.057Recent work, active mining
2018.07.057Very narrow off-camber around 9-10km, likely ATV only
2018.07.052Good to pulled bridge
2018.07.057narrowly passable at 98km marker, landslide
2018.07.052Active hauling
2018.07.057A bit rough to the second lake, road submerged
2018.06.272First Nations camp at start
2018.06.272Original road had a dozen trees across
2018.06.232good access to 1600m, 4WD/ATV to 1850m
2018.06.212Log hauling in progress
2018.06.216slide at 41.5km impassable, no maintenance scheduled
2018.06.216No mining, 4WD to alpine
2018.06.212Recent logging, 2WD to near Enterprise creek road
2018.06.211Same as below, snow remains above the lake
2018.06.216Tricky 4X4 past 2.7km mudslide
2018.06.132Driveable to last pulled bridge
2017.11.023First bridge undriveable
2017.08.271active logging, 2wd to the trailhead. 4wd recommended
2017.08.2032WD from Fire Lake junction to Pemberton
2017.08.2034WD-HC to near the end
2017.08.203North section very rough
2017.08.1432wd from mystery junction to the chehalis northrecsite
2017.08.1432wd to the chehalis junction
2017.08.072High clearance for 2.6km, big ditches beyond
2017.08.071driveable for about 3.5km. Bridge to the West side in place.
2017.07.301rough, air down, washout fixed
2017.07.302rough, air down
2017.07.301Largely unchanged
2017.07.171driveable for about 3.2km to 1580m
2017.07.103same condition as below
2017.07.102Good to the two mining tracks
2017.07.103Great condition to flat tire lake turn-off
2017.07.103blocked by snow at 2070m
2017.07.033Little change, a bit more alder near the end
2017.06.183Signed "closed", Road slump at 22.5km, deep muddy ditch down low (4WD)
2017.05.173Snow at 12.5km/1325m. Some cracking/slumping in areas.
2017.05.1734wd-hc to the lookout, lots of downed trees beyond
2017.05.173recent activity at mudslide area at 12.7km. Rockfall throughout the narrow section just before.
2017.05.173slippery road surface to the last houses, smooth from there to first lakes. Marked "hat Creek Road".
2017.05.073Lots of potholes to last lake, 2wd.
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 128 points.

AuthorTotal: 141