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Below is the portfolio of Klaus Haring starting from 2019.11 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

The minimum for a Trips to be counted is 25 points.
2020.11.0546Hiking DeBeck’s Hill near Squamish
2020.10.2827The shortest way to Devils Peak
2020.10.1931Looking for the shortest way to Devils Peak
2020.10.1351An early Cadwallader Range Exploration
2020.10.0539Exploring the Joffre Peak Slide
2020.09.2648Climbing Whitecap Mountain from the South (Mcgillivray Creek)
2020.09.2343Accident on Stein Mountain Part 2
2020.09.2152Accident on Stein Mountain Part 1
2020.08.2031A weekend trip to Dunkeld N1
2020.08.0745The true Summit of Saint Marks Summit
2020.08.0131Knothole Lake Seed Peak Traverse
2020.07.2940The Acorn - Knothole loop in Pinecone Lake area
2020.07.1936Hiking Mount Fromme summit loops
2020.05.0845Hiking the old Lower Grouse Mountain Hiway Loop
2020.04.1241Kennedy Falls in Covid19
2020.04.0859Road Trip to Utah Spring 2010
2020.04.0831Hiking to Buckskin Mountain in Nevada
2020.04.0253Road Trip to Utah Fall 2001
2020.03.3037A Climb of Cougar Peak in Nevada
2020.03.0248California Matterhorn Exploration
2020.02.2654Road Trip to California 2000
2020.02.1647Road Trip to Utah 2015
2020.02.1283Road trip to California 2015
2019.11.1439Glacier Advance and Recession on Mount Baker
2019.11.0150A Hike to Lookout Mountain near Mount Baker
Total for Trips is 1107 points.

Photo Essays
The minimum for a Photo Essays to be counted is 6 points.
2020.11.057East slopes of DeBeck's Hill
2020.11.059DeBeck's Hill North Ridge Trail
2020.10.168East Ridge and North Face of Mount Aragorn
2020.10.168Avalanche on Mount Taillefer North Fface
2020.10.1610Prospector Peak from the North
2020.10.1310Phelix Peak from the NW
2020.10.137Phelix Peak from NE
2020.09.2710The rugged East Ridge of Sacrifice Peak
2020.09.279South Slopes of Whitecap Mountain
2020.09.2110Stein W2 and Siwhe Mountain
2020.08.0711Saint Marks Panoramam
2020.08.038Glacier Peak from the South
2020.08.0313Clark Mountain in the morning
2020.07.307Knothole Peak in Spring
2020.07.289Sunset on Mount Gillespie
2020.07.285The west couloir of November Peak
2020.07.289Acorn Peak from above.
2020.07.286Mount Gillespie and the migrating lake
2020.07.198Lynn Peak from West
2020.07.199East Slopes of Grouse Mountain
2020.03.3012The Slide Mountain Slide
2020.03.3010Sawtooth Peak from the North
2020.03.3010North Face of The Juggernaut
2020.03.299Sawtooth Ridge and Matterhorn Peak
2020.03.299Matterhorn Peak from the West
2020.02.2611Mount Langley from the north
2020.02.2610Mount Whitney through Mobius Arch
2020.02.2512Mount Hitchcock
2019.11.029Groat Mountain from North
2019.11.0110Twin Sisters and Grouse Butte
2019.11.016Disappeared Glaciers on Heliotrope Ridge
Total for Photo Essays is 281 points.

Road Bulletins
2020.11.0710Inserted Trail after hiking it
2020.10.058Good condition, Start well marked
2020.10.056Cayoosh Creek bridge posted closed
2020.10.0510Bridge out, trail posted closed
2020.08.111Ski run closed to hiking?
2020.07.023Inserted Trail after hiking it
2020.07.013Hiked trail down twice
2020.06.268McDonald Creek crossing more difficult.
2020.05.316Ford still feasible
2020.05.291Snow below 1000m
2020.05.088West McDonald creek still passable
2020.05.0210Lots of snow on horizontal section of old road.
2020.04.248Blowdown east of Brothers Creek
2020.04.178Parking lot open, gate closed, more washouts
2020.04.156Photos of washouts
2020.04.155Lynn Valley parking now closed also.
2020.04.138Inserted Trail after hiking it
2019.11.0810New construction
2019.11.076Bills Trail in good condition
2019.11.0512Hiked to end
2019.11.0212Inserted road after hiking it
Total for Road Bulletins is 149 points.

AuthorTotal: 1537