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Below is the portfolio of Klaus Haring starting from 2018.09 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2020.05.0845Hiking the old Lower Grouse Mountain Hiway Loop
2020.04.1241Kennedy Falls in Covid19
2020.04.0859Road Trip to Utah Spring 2010
2020.04.0831Hiking to Buckskin Mountain in Nevada
2020.04.0253Road Trip to Utah Fall 2001
2020.03.3037A Climb of Cougar Peak in Nevada
2020.03.0248California Matterhorn Exploration
2020.02.2654Road Trip to California 2000
2020.02.1647Road Trip to Utah 2015
2020.02.1283Road trip to California 2015
2019.11.1439Glacier Advance and Recession on Mount Baker
2019.11.0150A Hike to Lookout Mountain near Mount Baker
2019.10.2162Hiking the Lizzie - Stein Traverse
2019.10.1932Skitouring in the Lizzie Lake Area
2019.10.1841A climb of Contemplation, Meditation and Lindisfarne
2019.08.0646Hike to Huntoon Point and Table Mountain
2019.08.0537A short climb of Ledge Peak NE Ridge
2019.07.1440Devils Peak from Seymour Valley
2019.06.2032An easier Way to Dinkey Peak
2019.06.0241Viewing the New Face of Joffre
2019.05.2438The hard way to Dinkey Peak
2019.05.1741Discovering Kennedy Falls
2019.04.1834Climbing Mount Fromme South Spur
2019.01.2354McBride Range Ski Traverse Remembered
2019.01.0234Climbing Meslilloet Mountain from the South
2018.12.2846Skiing to Meslilloet Mountain from the North
2018.12.2733Climbing Mount Gillespie from the West
2018.12.2732Skiing to Triplepoint Peak north of Meslilloet
2018.12.2736Many Ways to Meslilloet
2018.12.2734A climb of Dunkeld Peak near Meslilloet
2018.12.1647Hiked abbreviated Diez Vista Loop
2018.11.2442Hike to Little Horn
2018.11.2241Hiking Hollyburn West Ridge Loop
2018.11.1441Exploring Mount Elphinstone
2018.11.0838Skiing Joy Peak in the Monashees
2018.10.2748Hiking Mount Troubridge Part 1
2018.10.2744Hiking Mount Troubridge Part 2
2018.10.0837Hiking a longer Madeley Lake Loop
2018.10.0244Callaghan Lake to Ring Lake Loop Hike
2018.10.0239Ring Lake Attempt July 2018
2018.10.0257Overland to Cirque Lake
2018.09.1137Climbing Cardhu Peak
2018.09.0935Hiking the Bombay Traverse
2018.09.0338A Climb of Justy Peak
Total for Trip Reports is 1888 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2020.03.3010North Face of The Juggernaut
2020.03.3012The Slide Mountain Slide
2020.03.3010Sawtooth Peak from the North
2020.03.299Sawtooth Ridge and Matterhorn Peak
2020.03.299Matterhorn Peak from the West
2020.02.2611Mount Langley from the north
2020.02.2610Mount Whitney through Mobius Arch
2020.02.2512Mount Hitchcock
2019.11.029Groat Mountain from North
2019.11.0110Twin Sisters and Grouse Butte
2019.11.016Disappeared Glaciers on Heliotrope Ridge
2019.10.2413Gowan Peak from North
2019.10.2410Scudamore Peak from the South
2019.10.2411Ice Flea Peak from North
2019.10.2411Pyramidal Peak at end of Stein Valley
2019.10.2210Puppet Peak from West
2019.10.2113North Face of Skook Jim and Mount Cline
2019.10.1810Aurora Peak from NW
2019.09.268Calf Robe Mountain
2019.09.247Dancing Lady Mountain in Montana
2019.09.186West Slopes of Mount David Douglas
2019.09.0712Distant Florida Peak
2019.08.079Huntoon Point and Mount Shuksan
2019.08.058Thumb Spire from the west
2019.08.059Mount Thomas from the north.
2019.08.0310North Face of Ledge Peak
2019.08.0315Nautilus Mountain from SW
2019.08.039SE slopes of Vistamount
2019.08.036Ledge Peak from the North
2019.08.028Erratum and Wrong Peak from below
2019.08.0210Erratum Peak from the East
2019.06.026NW Ridge of Joffre Peak
2019.06.029The new Face of Joffre Peak
2019.05.305Sugarloaf revisited
2019.01.0311West Face of Meslilloet NE1
2018.12.278November Peak from Above
2018.12.019Klitsa Mountain from the East
2018.11.308Mount Gibson from above
2018.11.259Mount Elsay and Gopher Peak from the East
2018.11.249Seymour Panorama with Theta Peak
2018.11.099Hallam Peak in Winter
2018.11.097Bombay Peak in Winter
2018.09.1612Hallam Group with Foster Peak
2018.09.1610East Face of Cazadores Peak
2018.09.1410Wiser and Joy Peak from the West
2018.09.1412Justy Peak from the South
2018.09.1210The Summit of Wiser Peak
2018.09.1110Iceberg Lake and Cardhu Peak
2018.09.099Bombay Peak from NW
2018.09.0910Hidden Peak from Callaghan Lake
2018.09.0310False Hallam from North
2018.09.037False Hallam from East
Total for Feature Photos is 493 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2020.07.023Inserted Trail after hiking it
2020.07.013Hiked trail down twice
2020.06.268McDonald Creek crossing more difficult.
2020.05.316Ford still feasible
2020.05.291Snow below 1000m
2020.05.088West McDonald creek still passable
2020.05.0210Lots of snow on horizontal section of old road.
2020.04.248Blowdown east of Brothers Creek
2020.04.176Parking lot open, gate closed, more washouts
2020.04.155Lynn Valley parking now closed also.
2020.04.156Photos of washouts
2020.04.138Inserted Trail after hiking it
2019.11.086New construction
2019.11.076Bills Trail in good condition
2019.11.0510Hiked to end
2019.11.0210Inserted road after hiking it
2019.10.2212Revised waypoints
2019.09.2810Prominent landmark triple tree
2019.09.126Trail very busy to St Marks
2019.08.0610Inserted Trail after hiking it
2019.07.158Good condition
2019.06.1310Mount Harvey trail free of snow
2019.06.1310Pay parking in effect again, expensive!
2019.06.0212Some difficult deadfalls on lower part.
2019.06.026No restrictions as per earlier bulletin
2019.06.0212Clear to end, spur brushed out, wrecked camper at 1st jct.
2019.06.0110Snowmobiler cabin burned
2019.05.308Continuos snow past first switchback
2019.05.235Blowdown past 2nd switchback, overgrown in upper basin
2019.05.1712Inserted trail after hiking it
2019.05.1110New bridge eventually?
2019.05.1110Still no bridge across Lawson creek
2019.05.118Blowdowns cleared
2019.04.228Big deadfall east of Nelson creek
2019.04.183Hiked St Georges Trail down.
2019.04.136Gate Locked
2019.04.135More overgrown
2019.04.1310Hiked upper part from Deeks Bluff loop
2019.04.1310New mining?
2018.12.3110New stairs
2018.12.316Fishermans Trail open again
2018.12.167Inserted Trail after hiking it
2018.12.0610Icy trails
2018.11.2412Trail closed along west shore.
2018.11.225Inserted Trail after hiking it
2018.11.227Inserted Trail after hiking it
2018.11.225Inserted Trail after hiking it
2018.11.227Inserted Trail
2018.11.1412New sign at junction
2018.11.1412Hiked trail several times.
2018.10.2712Road in good condition
2018.10.2712Trail in good condition
2018.10.135Hiked down from Thunderbird Ridge
2018.10.087Inserted Trail after hiking it
2018.10.027Hand Line is now fixed
2018.10.017Hiked overland to trailhead
2018.10.0112Trail closed?
2018.09.088Many deadfalls
2018.09.0810Met bear
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 478 points.

AuthorTotal: 2859