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Below is the portfolio of Klaus Haring starting from 2016.10 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2018.05.1247Road trip to Nevada 1994
2018.05.0651California Road Trip, the long Way to Mount Shasta
2018.04.3032Revisiting Deeks Peak West Ridge Trail
2018.04.2950Road Trip to Nevada 2017
2018.04.0443Hiking the Rain Dancer Trail
2018.03.2442Skiing Ring Mountain
2018.03.1442A Historic Powder Mountain Traverse
2018.03.0545Exploring Powder Mountain from the West Part 2 Gendarme
2018.03.0537Exploring Powder Mountain from the West Part 1 Reconnaissance
2017.12.2649The Historic Culliton Creek Route to Garibaldi Lake
2017.12.2640Early climbs of Mount Garibaldi
2017.10.1149Hat Pass Trail, the tough way to Fat Ass Peak.
2017.10.0545Climbing Zupjok Peak.
2017.10.0335Big Sugarloaf revisited
2017.08.2747The Vinegar Hill Eclipse Expedition Part 2 Vinegar Hill
2017.08.2541The Vinegar Hill Eclipse Expedition Part 1 Indian Rock
2017.08.2343Strawberry Range revisited
2017.08.0738Climbing Divine and Phantom Peak
2017.08.0634Hidden Peak Part 2: The Summit
2017.08.0537Hidden Peak Part 1: Climbing Bavarian
2017.07.1238Exploring the Silverdaisy Trail
2017.07.0943Exploring the Mount Bachelor Cinder Cone
2017.07.0451Skiing Steens Mountain
2017.06.2563Climbing Mount Jefferson in Nevada
2017.06.2455An Attempt on McAfee Peak in Nevada
2017.06.0330Attempt on Cornice Peak
2017.06.0349Skitouring Baldy Mountain
2017.04.2842From Amicus to Ashlu on skis
2017.04.2046Skiing to Sisqa Peak
2017.04.1926Ipsoot on Skis from South
2017.04.1940Early Exploration of the Rutherford - Soo Divide
2017.03.2637Exploring the Larsen Trail to Grouse Mountain
2017.03.1523The Needles - Traverse From North
2017.01.1852Overland to Princess Louisa Inlet
2017.01.0833In Search of Percy Lake
2016.11.2245Inspecting the Miller Creek IPP
2016.11.0542Search for the elusive Class 2 Route on James Turner
2016.10.2442Paternoster Lakes Revisited (Climbs of Ure Peak, Mount Moe)
2016.10.2439Early climbs of Mount Currie
2016.10.2340First Visit to Paternoster Lakes near Whistler
2016.10.1642Exploring the White Rock Lookout Trail
2016.10.0445Habrich Ridge: An extended Neverland Loop
Total for Trip Reports is 1770 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2018.05.157Gotha Peak from NW
2017.10.069Big Sugarloaf Mountain from Nicola Lake
2017.10.067Sugarloaf Mountain from above
2017.08.3114West Slopes of Vinegar Hill
2017.08.309Rattlesnake Ridge from above
2017.08.309Boulder Butte from East
2017.08.309Panorama of western Strawberry Range with DI25
2017.08.2810SW ASpect of Squaw Rock
2017.08.2810Indian Rock from Squaw Rock
2017.08.2814Dixie Butte from North
2017.08.2310Strawberry Mountain from the West
2017.08.239South Slopes of DI27
2017.08.079Albert Creek Headwaters Panorama with Campion Peak
2017.08.0710Prudence Peak above the Justice Glacier
2017.08.079Phantom Peak from the north
2017.08.0710Divine Peak above the Justice Glacier
2017.08.068Bavarian and Hidden Peak
2017.08.0610Hidden Peak from NE
2017.08.0613Virtue Mountain beyond Mystery Lake.
2017.08.059Bavarian Peak above Hidden Lake
2017.07.128Claimstake Mountain from Pass.
2017.07.099Mount Bachelor from the East
2017.07.0912South Slopes of Tumalo Mountain
2017.07.0411Steens N3 from South
2017.07.0417Jackson Mountain from NE
2017.06.2710East Slopes of Singas Peak
2017.06.2612Gendron Peak from South
2017.06.2617Distant view of Sonoma Peak
2017.06.2515North Slopes of Mount Jefferson South Summit
2017.06.2511Mount Jefferson Middle Summit from the North
2017.04.298East Ridge of Ashlu Mountain
2017.04.298Amicus W1 and North Ridge of Porterhouse Peak
2017.04.209Sisqa S2 from North
2017.04.1910Northslopes of Sootip Peak
2017.04.1911Aunt Peak and Sisqa S2 from the East
2016.11.2311Rhododendron N3 and Sugarloaf Mountain
2016.10.238Mount Moe from West
2016.10.2311Peggy Peak behind Eureka Mountain
Total for Feature Photos is 393 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2018.05.122Small deadfalls and lots of forest debris
2018.05.127Big deadfall on southern trail, trail rerouted.
2018.05.094Bridge across Olesen Cr. removed
2018.05.077Deadfall across Lawson Creek bridge
2018.04.049Inserted trail after hiking it
2018.04.049Eastern section supposed to reopen later this year.
2018.02.256Hollyburn trail fines
2017.12.147Bare to 1200m
2017.10.113Parking meter removed
2017.10.119Inserted trail after hiking it
2017.10.054Inserted Trail after hiking it
2017.09.259Inserted Trail after hiking it
2017.09.246Added waypoints for lower section of trail and updated description.
2017.07.174Trail has some big blowdowns
2017.07.126Larsen - Cut Connector
2017.07.078Better marked
2017.05.158Hiked trail as part of a loop.
2017.05.138Hiked part of trail
2017.05.128Inserted Trail
2017.05.108New bridge across Magnesia Cr.
2017.05.078Trail very popular now
2017.05.018Two antique beds!
2017.04.268Bridge out, deadfalls.
2017.04.268Bridge out at top of Road
2017.04.041Soft snow near summit
2017.03.268Inserted Trail
2017.03.245Hiked up to the West Peak
2017.01.185Hiked trail long ago
2017.01.073Inserted trail, hiked upper section
2017.01.073Inserted trail, hiked western section
2017.01.073Lower MacKay Little used, lightly tracked out.
2016.11.225Hiked road, power line under construction
2016.11.165Used road to hike to Big Sugarloaf
2016.11.068Improved to 4th switcgback
2016.11.058Explored upper trail, added descriptions to trail page
2016.10.218Hiked lower trail to Grouse Mtn.
2016.10.1710Hiked to lookout from south
2016.10.0410Hiked to Waterfall
2016.10.049New trailhead
2016.10.038Hiked to lookout from Lindsay Lk. Loop Tr.
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 263 points.

AuthorTotal: 2426