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Below is the portfolio of Graeme Pole starting from 2019.11 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

The minimum for a Trips to be counted is 25 points.

Photo Essays
The minimum for a Photo Essays to be counted is 6 points.
2020.10.096Stekyoden Sunset (Hagwilget Peak)
2020.10.0910Kitwanga Peak from Hazelton Peak
2020.10.098Mount Seaton from the east
2020.10.026Mt Thomlinson main peak from Hazelton Peak
2020.10.0214Blunt Mountain from Lakeye
2020.10.026Seven Sisters and Artemis Peak from Hagwilget
2020.10.029Keen Peak from south
2020.10.0211Hazelton Peak showing east ridge
2020.10.028Mt Cronin and The Galleon from Doris Lake
2020.10.026Grassy and Mossy from unnamed summit WNW of the Galleon
2020.10.028Mt Hyland from near summit of Mount Harvey
2020.10.026Thomlinson S4 from Hazelton Peak
2020.10.0214Brian Boru Peak from the north
2020.10.026Weeskinisht and Seven Sisters from Kispiox SE4
2020.10.026Kispiox SE4 from Hazelton Peak
2020.10.0214Kitwanga Peak from east summit of Hazelton Peak
2020.10.028Ganokwa SW2 from south
2020.10.0215Mt Cronin and panorama of Babine Mountains from Ganokwa SW4
2020.10.027Cronin N2 and Taka Peak
2020.10.018Lagopus Mountain from Mt Harvey
2020.10.018Astlais Mountain from Ganokwa SW2
2020.10.017Nadina Mountain from Ganokwa SW2
2020.09.189Gitksan Peak from Kispiox N3
2020.09.1511Shedin Peak and the Atna Range from Kispiox N3
2020.09.1514Mount Thomlinson Group from Kispiox N3
2020.09.1510Mt Horetzky
2020.09.1519Shedin Peak from Kispiox N3
2020.09.076North face of Collier Peak
2020.09.076Mount Carnarvon North Face and North Ridge
2020.09.075Cathedral Mountain from Narao Peak
2020.09.076Cathedral Crags from Narao Peak
2020.09.077Mt. Marpole, Emerald Pass, and the Vice President from CarMar Peak
2020.09.077The Goodsirs from the summit of Storm Mountain
2020.09.074Mt Vaux from CarMar Peak
2020.09.075Popes Peak north face from Narao Peak
2020.09.073Mount Saint Bride from summit of Mount Douglas
2020.09.076Crossing North Molar Pass
2020.09.048The Nipples from Hankin Mountain
2020.09.046Hudson Bay Mountain from Ruby Ridge
2020.09.045Kispiox N3 "Cat's Ear", Close to the Edge
2020.09.045Hudson Bay Mountain from Hankin Mountain
2020.09.049Ashman Ridge from Ashman East
2020.09.027West cliffs of Mt Saint Bride
2020.09.0210Mt Cronin and The Galleon from Grassy Ridge
2020.09.028The Galleon
2020.09.028Nadina Mountain from the air
2020.09.028Brian Boru Peak from the east
2020.09.026Seaton from south end of Blunt Range
2020.08.158A Magnificent Maw - looking into the north cirque of Nadina Mountain
2020.08.146Nadina Mountain from Owen Lake
2020.08.145Berkey-Howe Union Spire, Nadina Mountain
2020.08.149Crossing the tundra of Nadina Mountain
2020.08.055Dagger Mountain
2020.08.018Aziz from northwest
2020.08.015Camel Humps from the east
2020.08.019Forster from Aziz
2020.08.017Forster from summit of Sunsets Peak
2020.08.016Aziz from summit of Sunsets Peak
2020.08.015Aziz from Glacis Lake
2020.08.018North face of Sunsets Peak
2020.08.016Sunsets Peak from the east
2020.08.015Close-up view of Camel Humps from the east
2020.08.015SW Camel Hump scenic
2020.08.017SW (higher) Camel Hump from NE Camel Hump
2020.06.059Thomlinson S4
2020.06.0512Natlan Peak
2020.06.0310Burning Mountain, "Front Peak" of Mt. Thomlinson
2020.05.1413Gitksan Peak
2020.05.149Kispiox N3 "Cat's Ear"
2020.05.0811Nosecone Peak from Cataract Lake
Total for Photo Essays is 570 points.

Road Bulletins
2020.08.073Shortcut not often used
2020.08.073Description of how 120 FSR doubles back after creek crossing
Total for Road Bulletins is 6 points.

AuthorTotal: 576