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Below is the portfolio of Simon Chesterton starting from 2018.03 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2020.02.2032Mount Baldwin from Indian River Pass
2018.08.0249White Peak, Olds and Oleg from Spetch Creek
2018.06.0163Lil'wat Mountain from Spetch Creek
2018.05.1661Peers Peak (Manson Ridge)
Total for Trip Reports is 205 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2018.08.139Hynes Peak and Tricouni Meadows
2018.08.0811Mount Olds and White Peak (Place Glacier)
2018.06.0712Mount Oleg and White Peak (Upper Spetch Creek)
Total for Feature Photos is 32 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2020.02.101Tricky Creek Crossings in The Lake District
2019.10.101Bridge Replacement at KM 27
2019.09.063Trail in Great Shape
2019.09.023In Good Shape
2019.09.023Still some repairs happening along north end of trail on weekdays
2019.08.063In Good Shape
2019.07.293Good Sections and Poor Sections
2019.07.253Blocked at Beginning
2019.07.253AWD Mid Clearance to Summit
2019.07.021Some metal tags, flagging and trailbed
2019.07.021In OK Shape
2019.06.1732wd to km 7.7
2019.05.303Gated at the junction with Chehalis FSR
2019.05.301Drove to km 27
2019.05.218Markers On Grouse Side
2019.05.173Good Trail, A Couple of Minor Blowdowns
2019.05.133Hiked to "Muse Peak" (Mount Ida East Peak)
2019.05.133Smooth 2wd to Muse/Ida North Trailhead
2019.05.133Ditched Between km 0.7 and 4.2
2019.05.133Upper Section 2wd
2019.05.053Drove to km 8 and partway up a spur road
2019.04.243New logging part way up
2019.04.241Drove to junction at IPP intake/Hunter East Spur
2019.04.248Used to access "Insight Peak" and Chawuthen Peak
2019.04.223A Few Waterbars
2019.04.0132wd Bumpy, Took Spur Before KM 4 to Ascend Jorgenson
2019.03.281Snow level around 830m elevation
2019.03.183Some Snow, Well Used
2019.03.051Well Packed Track
2019.02.115Fresh Snow on a Hardpacked Base
2019.01.285Some Deadfall
2019.01.285Gate Open, Recent Logging
2019.01.285Mostly Snow Covered
2019.01.131Lower Section Good Condition
2019.01.023Closed at Homestead Junction
2018.12.288New Trail Markers
2018.12.055Drove to Brohm Crossover Branch Junction
2018.11.305Part of East Side Trail Closed Too
2018.11.241There was near 18" of snow on summit & trail conditions
2018.11.185Drove to km 15
2018.11.1710Signed No Trespassing - Coquitlam Watershed
2018.11.161Open to 2km
2018.11.073Drove to Brew Trail Spur, Walked To End
2018.11.031Open again after flooding
2018.10.295A few blowdowns
2018.10.295First section fixed up
2018.10.225Trail Good Throughout
2018.10.221Rough at Times
2018.10.206Photo of Roe Creek Valley Logging Roads
2018.10.193Trail in Good Shape
2018.10.193In Excellent Shape
2018.10.198Drove to near end of road.
2018.10.158Used Trail to get to Heapus Peak
2018.10.143Drove to km 2.4
2018.10.075Trail in Good Shape, Lots of Markers
2018.10.071Gated, Active Logging
2018.09.075Dusty and Well Used
2018.08.053Still Has Muddy Sections
2018.08.051Possible De-activation?
2018.07.315Good Trail to Sub Alpine
2018.07.301Some Blowdown
2018.07.237Drove to end. Active Logging
2018.07.163Drove to km 8.5
2018.05.2712Snow Free With A Few Rough Sections
2018.05.1512Peers Creek to Fools Pass
2018.05.147Western end of HBC Heritage Trail to Tulameen
2018.03.135Used to Descend Mount Braden
2018.03.135Used to Ascend Mount Braden
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 263 points.

AuthorTotal: 500