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Below is the portfolio of Chris Nott starting from 2018.10 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2020.03.091Steep and rough in places
2020.03.091Winter parking before the candy cane
2020.03.091Snow after the Alpen spur
2019.10.133Main road follows this route for 2km
2019.10.131Extended at 6.5km; 2wd
2019.09.091Trail in ok condition
2019.09.091New waterbars?
2019.09.091Condition unchanged
2019.09.043Used by dirt bikes?
2019.09.041Decent 2wd with some rock debris and sluffs
2019.09.043Extensive use by dirt bikes
2019.09.043Ok to good condition; used by dirt bikes
2019.09.043Decent 2wd to the ditches before the gate; gate locked
2019.08.263Condition unchanged
2019.08.263Poorly flagged; faint footbed below the lakes
2019.08.2032wd to old parking; road extended ~2km due to new logging
2019.08.203Finding the trail from the new road end
2019.08.083Frequent big puddles and rutting in second half
2019.08.083Condition unchanged
2019.07.293A bit bushy but well flagged / cairned
2019.07.293Blocked at 4.5km by deteriorating bridge
2019.07.233Alder annoyances and wet sections
2019.07.231Bit rougher than average
2019.07.233Good to fair 2wd condition
2019.07.233New logging
2019.07.183Closed at 0km
2019.07.173Northern portion in good shape
2019.07.173Abandoned but reasonably easy to follow
2019.07.173Easy to follow (from my limited experience)
2019.07.1634wd HC beyond 29km
2019.07.0812wd until beyond bridge over Van Horlick; 4wd HC soon after
2019.07.0812wd with clearance to Snowspider spur
2019.07.023Followed as far as the Joe Lake trail; good condition
2019.07.023Still slow 2wd
2019.07.023Hiked to Susap Creek beyond Joe Lake
2019.07.023May head up creek immediately east of World Ridge
2019.06.251Blocked at Pemberton side with detour
2019.06.243Good condition; some blowdown
2019.06.2412wd friendly
2019.06.111Some potholes and isolated rutting
2019.06.113Re-routed trail
2019.05.285Largely unchanged
2019.05.225Similar condition as Empire Valley Rd; AWD helpful
2019.05.225Slippery mud when wet
2019.05.225Muddy when wet
2019.05.133Noticed a parallel trail network in the forest at lower elevations
2019.05.135Minor blowdown; upper exit trail obscured
2019.05.133Clear, well marked
2019.05.135Largely clear
2019.05.073Currently closed for logging. Reopening May 15th
2019.05.065Unchanged from last bulletin
2019.05.065Good 2wd condition
2019.05.065Minor bushiness; one awkward blowdown
2019.05.063Still blocked at 31 km
2019.04.183Well marked, relatively easy to follow, fair amount of blowdown
2019.03.135Some blowdowns
2019.03.135Blocked by downed tree
2019.01.243Active hauling; plowed to 22km
2019.01.142Attempted to walk from Alexander Falls parking to day lodge
2019.01.145Used to access Hanging Lake winter trail
2018.11.134Landslide at 12km?
2018.10.153Remains of the old Tricouni East Meadows trail
2018.10.0152wd to beyond 5km; short AWD section
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 190 points.

AuthorTotal: 190