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Below is the portfolio of Robin Tivy starting from 2020.01 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.
You can see the value breakdowns here:   Trips   Photos   Road Bulletins

The minimum for a Trips to be counted is 25 points.
2020.12.071985.12.2539Gun Creek Christmas Ski Trip
2020.11.302020.11.2955Shovelnose Creek Ski Frenzy
2020.11.092020.11.0751Coliseum via the Paton Lookout Trail
2020.11.022020.11.0142Mount Beautiful Loop - Buntzen Lake
2020.10.262020.10.2645Dayhike to Goat Mountain
2020.09.222020.09.1470Revisit Mcgillivrary Pass and climb of Whitecap
2020.09.192020.09.0663Griswold Pass, Wolverine Pass, Slim Creek Loop
2020.08.312020.08.3042Fraser River Exploration - Kirkland Island Circumnavigate
2020.08.242020.08.2257Mount Rohr, then around Rancherie Peak
2020.08.182020.08.1449Canoe up Pitt Lake to Osprey Campsite
2020.08.032020.07.2554Seed and Gilespie Peaks from Mamquam Roads
2020.07.142020.07.05562020 Port Renfrew Bicycle Loop - Amid Covid Reopening
2020.07.022020.06.2749Peers Peak from Peers Creek Trailhead
2020.05.122020.05.0976Mamquam Mountain Ski from Skookum Creek road
2020.04.172020.04.1635Kitsilano to Cleveland Dam Bike Loop
2020.04.052020.04.0540Whytecliff Park Bike Loop
2020.04.022020.04.0232Diamond Head Ski amid COVID-19
2020.03.301994.12.2835Ski up Moose river to Colonel Pass
2020.03.272020.03.0242Cape Lookout Day Hike from Campground (Oregon)
2020.03.252020.02.2958California Road Trip and COVID-19 Escape
2020.02.182020.02.1755Anif Peak via Mulligan road in good snow
2020.02.102020.02.0943Glorious Metal Dome Loop - Again
Total for Trips is 1088 points.

Photo Essays
The minimum for a Photo Essays to be counted is 6 points.
2020.12.292020.12.291Test Huge Photo
2020.11.302020.11.299Cayley Massif from south via Shovelnose Spur
2020.10.262020.10.259Crown Mountain, Camel from Goat Ridge
2020.10.262020.10.268Final summit of Goat Mountain from trail
Total for Photo Essays is 27 points.

Road Bulletins
2021.01.072021.01.071Road clear to chainup
2021.01.072021.01.078We broke winter route, wands almost buried
2020.12.222020.12.221Road jammed to below picnic area
2020.12.122020.12.121Road bare almost to parking lot
2020.12.122020.12.123Skied to Gargoyles Saddle
2020.12.072020.12.053Biked over and hiked up
2020.11.302020.11.295Road smooth, drive to 680m
2020.11.302020.11.293Drove to Shovelnose spur at 20.3km
2020.11.102020.11.075We biked up this to the Paton Peak Trailhead
2020.11.102020.11.075Got locked in at 5:15 PM
2020.11.102020.11.075Trail good for hike to Coliseum Mtn
2020.11.022020.11.013Trail in reasonable shape, some mud
2020.11.022020.11.013Steep as usual
2020.10.282020.10.253Lots of up traffic
2020.10.282020.10.255Trail Closed because of ice
2020.10.262020.10.265Trail not always well defined
2020.10.262020.10.263Trail icy, micro spikes recommended
2020.10.132020.05.095Used trail to get to Darling Lake
2020.10.092010.05.157Discovered Miracle spur on way to climb Bagpipe
2020.10.042019.07.197Hiked down this route/trail, past the cabin
2020.09.222020.09.1610Good footbed, freshly cleared deadfall
2020.09.222020.09.143Road smooth to McGillvray Pass turnoff
2020.09.222020.09.148Piece together lower trail route
2020.09.212018.10.015Not drivable past 700m
2020.09.202020.09.138Bridge Rebuild Possible
2020.09.202020.09.063Pounding and Rattling Across the pass
2020.09.202020.09.063Beware of sharp rocks
2020.08.242020.08.2210Road in Good shape up to fork
2020.08.242020.08.225Trail clear
2020.08.242020.08.225Trail well used, can lose trail in big hill
2020.08.182020.08.143Huge crowds, but facilities in poor repair
2020.08.042020.07.258Road excellent, pile of dirt blocks it at Km 26.9
2020.08.032020.07.253Road now extends a bit further
2020.07.162020.07.073Hiked along beach from Jordan River
2020.07.142020.07.075New gas station at Port Renfrew
2020.06.282020.06.2810Hiked from Peers Creek to the pass
2020.06.282020.06.283We left car overnight, but no problem
2020.05.122020.05.093Road dusty, lots of cars
2020.05.122020.05.095Log crossing difficult, trail beyond marked faintly
2020.05.122020.05.093Skookum Dam road in good shape
2020.04.092020.04.083Road driveable to 650m
2020.04.022020.04.023Deep icy ruts above scary hill, chains recommended
2020.02.182020.02.173Plowed to 740m
2020.02.122020.02.123No parking along Rubble Creek Road
2020.01.162019.09.013Keith's hut open, trail still closed, reassess in spring 2020
2020.01.111975.12.257Started and ended Ski loop on Cascade Firerooad
2020.01.111975.12.277Skied up to Dormer Pass and down
2020.01.111975.12.287Skied from Dormer River to Panther River
2020.01.092018.10.225Lots of deadfall, better on river floodplain
2020.01.092017.08.105Trail is quite tough
Total for Road Bulletins is 234 points.

AuthorTotal: 1349