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Below is the portfolio of Robin Tivy starting from 2018.09 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2020.02.1851Anif Peak via Mulligan road in good snow
2020.02.1043Glorious Metal Dome Loop - Again
2019.12.0940Baden Powell - Hollyburn - Strachan Loop
2019.09.0877Exploration of the Holmes-Jackpine Divide
2019.08.2652Mount Bishop Loop - Elsay Lake Trail, return via Vicar Ridge
2019.08.0660Dipper Creek - Fringe Peak Exploration
2019.07.2950Cloudburst Hike and compare two routes
2019.07.1438Devils Peak from Blueridge - Bike and Hike
2019.05.1465Tenquille-Owl Ski Traverse
2019.04.2937Hike Up Corkscrew Peak (Death Valley)
2019.04.2837Mount Perry Hike (Death Valley)
2019.04.1858California Death Valley Road Trip
2019.04.0246Freemont Peak and the California Flowers
2019.03.1355Almost too tough - Conroy-Swift Ski Loop Again
2019.03.0440Metal Dome South Ridge, and snowmobile confrontation
2019.02.2542Ski up Harvey Creek Spur to Bowl
2019.02.2148Puma South via Marvellous ramps Again
2019.02.1137Rainbow Mountain via Hanging Lake in Frightful cold
2019.02.0918Skating and swimming at Brohm Lake amid Fantastic winds
2019.01.2948Metal Dome via Edna Creek - the Micro-terrain Experience
2019.01.2144Mount Mullilgan Ski with Breakable Crust
2019.01.1446Mount Sproatt Loop down Hanging Valley
2019.01.0150Dakota Peak on skis
2018.12.0544Skyline Divide Early Ski - Mount Baker
2018.11.1251Dilly Dally Loop (Buntzen Lake)
2018.10.2361Ring Lake Loop and Detective Peak
2018.09.1174Around Big Dog Mountain and Quartz Ridge
Total for Trip Reports is 1312 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2019.09.0810Mount Holmes and Second Peak
2019.09.087Holmes Peak From East
2019.09.089Holmes Peak from the northwest
2019.09.0817Reel Peak from Chalco-Sulfide pass
2019.09.0814Final Summit of Chalco Mountain
2019.09.0813Sulfide Peak from Chalco Mountain
2019.05.148Mount Barbour from Dora Peak
2019.05.135Joffre Landslide looking North down Cerise creek
2019.05.136Joffre Peak Rockslide looking Southwest
2018.10.2410Detective Peak Final East ridge
2018.10.238Ring Mountain from the South
2018.10.2311Trooper Peak and Crevasses
2018.09.209Blue Peak Northeast Ridge from Subpeak
Total for Feature Photos is 127 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2020.02.183Plowed to 740m
2020.02.122No parking along Rubble Creek Road
2020.01.161Keith's hut open, trail still closed, reassess in spring 2020
2020.01.117Started and ended Ski loop on Cascade Firerooad
2020.01.117Skied up to Dormer Pass and down
2020.01.117Skied from Dormer River to Panther River
2020.01.095Trail is quite tough
2020.01.095Lots of deadfall, better on river floodplain
2019.12.313Road clear to chainup
2019.12.211Skied into Elfin shelter and back out summer route
2019.12.213Road clear to chainup
2019.12.137Hiked down Mountain Goat Creek
2019.12.085Hiked down trail,not too icy
2019.12.085Trail Icy
2019.12.085Trail bare
2019.10.161Used Regularly
2019.10.095Road in good shape all the way to parking lot
2019.09.095Drove up road to campsite
2019.09.088Drove up Road to access Chalco Mountain and beyond
2019.09.0810Very smooth, just graded, but Grader Crashed into ditch
2019.08.2610Hiked trail from North to South
2019.08.265Most Frequently used route to Elsay peak
2019.08.265Hiked upper part of trail
2019.08.263Could not find trail
2019.08.263Trail quite rough, but spectacular
2019.08.215New trail on east side of Swift Current creek
2019.08.193Some deadfall, swamp
2019.08.063Freshly graded, like a mainline
2019.08.058Road Freshly graded to new junction
2019.08.053Flooding has subsided, road open again
2019.07.305Road smooth and graded
2019.07.303Drove To Clearcut trailhead at 1080m
2019.07.293Route is not a trail
2019.06.285Trail burned over in 2003
2019.06.285Peepsight Trail now cleared
2019.05.231Road good to same washout as last year
2019.05.148Branch 12 covered with snow
2019.05.1410Used trail to get out
2019.05.1410Saw substantial log footbridge
2019.05.143Road in good shape
2019.05.1410Trail difficult to follow in winter
2019.05.011Road situation?
2019.04.115Hiked along this trail
2019.03.145Road has fabulous skiing
2019.03.145Skied length of road coming out from Old Growth valley
2019.03.073New Contact Info for Gray creek Road
2019.02.253No parking meter, not much snow
2019.02.217Used this route to access Beverly Trail and Puma S1 Peak
2019.01.307Broken trail, some by ski, some by snowmobile
2019.01.213Driveable to 600m or so
2019.01.105People have difficulty crossing Racing River even with ATVs
2019.01.025Road plowed down to hard pack
2018.12.065Closed from Corbin south to Flathead Townsite
2018.12.067Slow travel due to potholes
2018.12.067No snow in forest, but ski from half way
2018.11.127Beautiful trail in good shape
2018.11.1212Upper trail very rough and a bit indistinct
2018.11.127Trail steep, but well marked, and zero blowdown
2018.11.127East side in good shape
2018.11.126Outbound gate still open after 5:00
2018.11.051Snow in higher sections
2018.11.051Road being deactivated with mild cross ditches
2018.11.053Road smooth, graded
2018.10.237Trail in good shape
2018.10.237Hiked down this trail
2018.10.237Road has mild cross ditches
2018.10.237Walked down road, also cycles
2018.10.155Trail Clearing finally done
2018.10.155Blueberries and a bear
2018.09.1212Trail quite scenic
2018.09.125Followed trail part way
2018.09.1210Nice walking thru woods and meadows
2018.09.1210Drove up road past mine, parked
2018.09.116Road mostly paved
2018.09.117Waterbars require high clearance
2018.09.1010Road now cut off, does not continue
2018.09.106Distance Posts versus Bivouac distances
2018.09.096Eastern Gate Locked
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 433 points.

AuthorTotal: 1872