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Below is the portfolio of Robin Tivy starting from 2016.11 to present.
It shows ALL the trips, photos, etc. including low value ones.
However the only ones that count for the totals are the ones above the thresholds.

Trip Reports
The minimum for a Trip Reports to be counted is 25 points.
2018.02.1351Clinker West Peak via Conroy Creek
2018.01.3037Mount Sproatt Ski in the Drenching Snow
2018.01.2144Elfin Hut via Winter Ski Route
2017.12.0452Hanging Lake - Beverly Creek Loop
2017.10.1951Tonic Peak via new Trails
2017.10.1340Sea to Sky Gondola - Evac Trail then Habrich Ridge
2017.09.0128Squamish to Sunshine Coast Bike Route
2017.08.3144Smithers Road Trip in the big smoke
2017.08.3047Mount Forster attempt via Grizzly Lakes Road
2017.08.2856Silvern Lakes Hike and climb Refuge Peak
2017.08.2741Climb Hudson Bay Mountain - South Peak
2017.08.2559Caribou Mountain Alpine Loop
2017.08.2263Cronin - Higgins Loop with climb of Cronin
2017.08.2225Port Renfrew Standard Route
2017.07.2042Porcupine Traverse - Daynor Creek to Sumallo Grove
2017.06.1810Kosciuszko test Trip
2017.05.2740Abby Grind Trail towards Taggart Peak
2017.04.0347Mount Mulligan Ski
2017.03.0646Tszil Crossover Attempt- When should one turn back?
2017.02.2857Hanging Lake to Beverly Creek (via Spectrum Pass)
2017.02.2042Silverdaisy Ski Route via Smitheram Creek road
2017.02.0920The Marshall from Assiniboine lake - Route
2017.02.0538Hollyburn Route from Downhill Overflow Lot
2017.01.2944Metal Dome amid blasting winds
2017.01.1051Magnesia Harvey Ski Loop
2017.01.0239East Wilson Ski Tour
2016.12.2833Ski Expedition to find legendary Elphinstone Rope Tow Cabin
2016.11.2845High Falls Lake in Deep Bottomless Snow
2016.11.1242Trail Junction Exploration near Mount Seymour
Total for Trip Reports is 1234 points.

Feature Photos
The minimum for a Feature Photos to be counted is 6 points.
2017.08.287Hudson Bay Final Summit from Silvern Peak
2017.08.287Hudson Bay and Toboggan Creek Road
2017.08.2810Refuge Peak from Silvern peak
Total for Feature Photos is 24 points.

Road/Trail Bulletins
2018.02.139Continuous snow cover, zero alder
2018.02.036Road blocked by cement block before 1st bridge
2018.01.214Marked with orange wands and broken trail to Elfin hut
2018.01.203Road clear to parking lot
2018.01.162Cutoff in good shape for ski
2018.01.162Trail broken, 10 deadfalls
2018.01.161Trail broken by snowshoe
2018.01.162Road groomed to the top
2018.01.011Road driveable right to parking lot
2017.12.302Road clear, just graded
2017.12.272Hiked down trail, lots of snow covered bush
2017.12.122Bridge removed
2017.12.043Fluffy snow on rock solid base, creek crossing not possible
2017.12.043Fluffy snow right to bottom
2017.11.182Skied all the way up
2017.11.181Half meter of snow at upper parking lot
2017.11.182Broke trail in deep snow
2017.10.312Well marked except at start
2017.10.311Road getting rougher
2017.10.302Road getting very rough, need High clearance 4WD
2017.10.302Spur no longer drivable
2017.10.194Hiked up trail to get onto Flank trail
2017.10.194Used trail from
2017.10.194Used this trail to get up to Tonic meadows
2017.10.135Hiked to summit of Crown
2017.10.134Steep trail with two challenging places with fixed ropes
2017.10.134Hiked up one way and down another
2017.08.304Hiked out this trail back to car
2017.08.299Drove and walked Grizzly Lakes road to end
2017.08.289Tricky to find trailhead, tires destroyed by porcupine
2017.08.274Road in excellent shape
2017.08.274Trail very faint, with deadfall
2017.08.279Trail in excellent condition
2017.08.243Road good, active logging somewhere up Babine Lake
2017.08.221Gate moved 1 km north
2017.08.229Cronin Creek Trail description
2017.08.229All deadfall freshly cleared
2017.07.032Easy walking across this road
2017.05.274Popular trail, smooth
2017.05.242New washout means new effective road end
2017.05.031Agree with location of the avalanche
2017.05.011Avalanche video crossing Valenciennes River FSR
2017.04.038Stopped by snow at 500m elevation
2017.03.232Trail clearing efforts at Monument 78
2017.03.064Skied up road, not useful
2017.02.282Road clear, Alexander Falls parking plowed
2017.02.283Trail icy and well used
2017.02.284Used this route to get to Hanging Lake Trailhead
2017.02.283Icy in the woods
2017.02.284Used this to exit Beverly Creek Trail after hours
2017.02.205Still gated, I skied up road
2017.02.083Bridge at Surprise Creek Removed
2017.02.072History of the Snocoach road for climbing purposes
2017.02.071How to get the key
2017.01.295Road well tracked
2017.01.263Hiked up to lookout for lunch
2017.01.115Skied to end, then continued up to Magnesia meadows
2017.01.119New sign at Harvey Junction
2017.01.113Wonderful ski down this road from top
2017.01.023Hiked down this trail
2017.01.025Top end is a trail
2017.01.025Driveable to end
2017.01.025Driveable right to end
2017.01.025Covered in deep snow
2017.01.014Hiked up this trail with skis
2016.12.315Hiked up, snow in clearcut
2016.12.315Road not likely driveable
2016.12.315Road drivable probably low clearance 4WD
2016.12.303Used trail again
2016.12.306Road plowed with packed surface to parking lot
2016.11.284Snow bottomless
2016.11.2632WD Rough road
2016.11.243Gates locked on weekends, open weekdays
2016.11.215Overgrown in places
2016.11.215Thick underbrush, many fords
2016.11.213Overgrown past Glacier creek
2016.11.213Trail in good shape
2016.11.213Deadfall on trail, slide debris, snow
2016.11.201We skied into Elfin Shelter, snow starts at Red Heather 1390m
2016.11.201Road bare, parking lot bare
2016.11.193Spur closed at turnoff from main
2016.11.183Trail in good condition, creek crossings ok
2016.11.183Trees across trail, difficult stream crossings
2016.11.125Hiked entire trail - Good condition
2016.11.1210Trail rough with roots and water
2016.11.124Trail sometimes hard to follow
2016.11.125Epic finding north end of trail
2016.11.125Trail in good shape, creek crossing need poles
2016.11.073Island Ramblers hike to Lomas lake
2016.11.073Island Ramblers hike to Lomas lake
Total for Road/Trail Bulletins is 342 points.

AuthorTotal: 1600