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Photos In Radius
Photos have two latLong fields: the vantage and the subject.
We look at all photos whose subject is within 10 km. Thus a small radius can include photos taken from a distance outside the radius.
  Center   Radius
Id Value Name of Photo Vantage Line Vantage Description Placeames
521819Mount Rundle From Highway 1 Justin Brown 1.4 km NW of Mount Rundle From west on Hwy 1Mount Rundle
643018Cascade from the South Kevin Altheim 11.6 km S of Cascade Mountain From Sulphur MountainCascade Mountain
521915Mount Louis - South Aspect Justin Brown 1.7 km S of Mount Louis From the col at Cory PassMount Louis
622814Vertigo on Mount Rundle Justin Brown 1.6 km SE of Mount Rundle From the summit of RundleMount Rundle
509713Gargoyle Pass Mt. Edith Justin Brown 21.1 km SE of Mount Edith From Gargoyle Pass, Cory Pass Trail.Mount Edith
630912Sea of Vapors Ice Climb, Mount Rundle Janez Ales 4.6 km N of Mount Rundle From the top of the 1st pitch on Sea of VaporsSea of Vapors, Mount Rundle
959311Sundance Ridge - The Summit Block Rick Collier 1.6 km W of Sundance Peak From the NW ridge northwest of the summit blockSundance Peak
684911Rundle over Two Jack Lake Justin Brown 1.6 km SE of Mount Rundle From Two Jack LakeMount Rundle
657711Sulphur Mountain - Northeast Side Justin Brown 0.9 km SE of Sulphur Mountain From Mount RundleSulphur Mountain
510010Mount Louis Justin Brown 21.0 km SE of Mount Louis From Cory Pass Trail.Mount Louis
626910Cascade Amphitheatre - West Aspect Justin Brown 1.6 km SE of Cascade Mountain From Cascade AmphitheatreCascade Mountain
123349Mount Louis Sunrise Mike Warren 1.6 km E of Mount Louis Approach trail to Louis 
109559Sundance Peak from the Northeast Rick Collier 2.0 km NE of Sundance Peak From the valley north of the northeast ridgeSundance Peak
61729Hoary Marmot - Mount Rundle Justin Brown 1.6 km SE of Mount Rundle From rock rib on south side of RundleMount Rundle, animal
161149Mount Norquay from the South Anthony Mallinson 4.0 km SE of Mount Norquay From the Marsh Loop Trail in Banff heading towards Sundance CanyonMount Norquay, Cascade Mountain, Mount Edith, Mount Cory
50989Mount Edith NE Aspect Justin Brown 21.1 km SE of Mount Edith From Edith Pass TrailMount Edith
62549Ridges of Rundle Steve Sproule 8.5 km SE of Mount Rundle From East End of RundleMount Rundle, East End of Rundle, EEOR, Rundle Range, Fairholme Range
63108Terminator Ice Climb, Mount Rundle Janez Ales 4.6 km N of Mount Rundle From Sea of Vapors, Mount RundleTerminator Wall, Mount Rundle
17308Mt. Louis and the Forty Mile Creek Valley from Cascade Mountain Mitch Sulkers 6.8 km E of Mount Louis From Cascade MountainMt. Cory; Mt. Edith; Mt. Louis; Mt. Cockscomb
80548Mount Louis from the Summit of Mount Fifi Rick Collier 1.3 km NW of Mount Louis FromMount Louis
8988Cascade Mountain from the End of Lake Minnewanka David Wasserman 4.6 km E of Cascade Mountain From the embankment at the west end of Lake MinnewankaCascade Mountain, Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park
110618The 'True' Summit of Mount Rundle #2 Rick Collier 0.7 km SE of Mount Rundle From about 0.6 km southeast of the main summit of RundleMount Rundle
161168Mount Brewster from the South Anthony Mallinson 5.2 km S of Mount Brewster From the summit of Mount Norquay's higher west peak. Mount Norquay, Mount Brewster
123378Mount Louis Summit Block Mike Warren most of the way up Gmoser/Kain 
52217"Gargoyles" in Cory Pass Justin Brown 1.1 km SW of Mount Edith From Cory PassMount Edith, Cory Pass.
166957Rundle7 Serguei Okountsev 0.8 km SE of Rundle7 East End of Rundle 
52207Mount Edith - Southwest Face of South Peak Justin Brown 0.6 km S of Mount Edith From Cory Pass TrailMount Edith
110607The 'True' Summit of Rundle from Southeast End Rick Collier 5.1 km SE of Mount Rundle From just northwest of the crest of EEOR 
63087Professor Falls, Mount Rundle Janez Ales 4.5 km N of Mount Rundle From the top of the first pitch on Professor FallsProfessor Falls, Mount Rundle
137827Panorama of Lake Minnewanka from Mount Inglismaldie Vern Dewit Summit of Mount InglismaldieLake Minnewanka, Mount Aylmer, Mount Girouard
57036East End of Rundle Steve Sproule 8.8 km SE of Mount Rundle From Spray Lakes road, Goat Creek parking areaMount Rundle, East End of Rundle
64316Southeast Face of Cascade Kevin Altheim From near old Hoodoos TrailCascade Mountain
162816Mount Fifi from the Northeast Anthony Mallinson 1.5 km NE of Mount Fifi From just north of the Mount Cockscomb (Fm10) Campsite.Mount Fifi
63116Venus Slipper Nancy Mickelson 21.2 km SE of Mount Edith From the Cory Pass TrailCory Pass Trail, Mount Edith, flower
123356Mount Louis: Gmoser Crux Mike Warren The belay at the base of the Gmoser corner 
52426Mount Rundle - Summit View Justin Brown 1.6 km SE of Mount Rundle From summit of Mount RundleMount Rundle
95946Sundance Ridge from the Northwest Rick Collier 4.7 km NW of Sundance Peak From the first major high point at the NW end of Sundance RidgeSundance Peak
8716Summit Tower of Mt. Louis Drew BrayshawFrom just below summitMount Louis
65706Sulphur Mountain, Tunnel Mountain and Banff Townsite Alex Joseph 12.2 km N of Sulphur Mountain From across the Bow Valley on the northside on top of Cascade Falls on Cascade MountainSulphur Mountain, Tunnel Mountain, Mount Rundle, Banff
123396Mount Louis Summit Panorama Mike Warren Summit of Mount Louis 
181936 Rundle2 Serguei Okountsev 1.6 km NW of Rundle2 Rundle1Rundle1
7605Mount Louis - Southeast Aspect from Mouth of Gargoyle Valley Drew Brayshaw 0.2 km SE of Mount Louis From north slopes of Mount EdithMount Louis
120745East End of Rundle (EEOR) in the Fall Ross Mailloux 20.5 km SE of Mount Rundle From a highpoint on the Smith-Dorrien Trail 
59115Inglismaldie and Girouard Kevin Altheim 1.4 km E of Mount Inglismaldie From Hwy 1Mount Girouard, Mount Inglismaldie
123385Florian on Gmoser Mike Warren null 
129085Mount Louis from the Southeast David Wasserman 2.2 km E of Mount Louis Cory Pass Trail 
87674First Ascent of "Ten Years After" Ice climb on Mount Rundle Tom Wolfe 3.0 km NW of Mount Rundle From base of routeTen Years After, Terminator Wall, Mount Rundle
43724Mount Edith - Southwest Aspect Kevin AltheimFrom Trans-Canada HwyMount Edith
35064Mount Rundle Amy PresseFrom Vermilion Lakes Mount Rundle
162084Sawback Range from Mount Norquay Anthony MallinsonFrom the summit of Mount Norquay's West Peak. Mount Norquay, Mount Orde, Mount Edith, Mount Lois, Mount Fifi, Mount Cory
154754Mount Inglismaldie, Mount Girouard, and Lake Minnewanka from Cascade Mountain Alex Joseph 8.6 km W of Mount Inglismaldie From the rock route Longview on east side of Cascade Mountain looking east.Mount Inglismaldie, Mount Girouard
129054Cory Pass and Mount Edith David Wasserman 2.5 km SE of Mount Edith Cory Pass Trail 
3794Banff Townsite, Tunnel Mountain and Mount Rundle, 2001 David Wasserman 8.6 km NW of Mount Rundle From Norquay RoadMount Rundle, Tunnel Mountain, Banff, Banff National Park
43733Vintage Photo of Cascade Mtn from Banff Avenue - 1940s Mike ClevenFrom Bridge over Bow River, BanffBanff, Bow River, Cascade Mountain
34353Fairholme Range From Cascade Drew BrayshawFrom Cascade FallsMount Inglismaldie; Mount Girouard; Mount Peechee
13363Elk Stare Down Kevin AltheimFrom the west access road to Banff near the railroad tracksBanff, Elk
10063Spruce Grouse at Johnson Lake David WassermanFrom Johnson Lake Circuit trailJohnson Lake, Banff National Park, Front Ranges, bird
9433East Faces of Edith S. and Center Peaks Drew BrayshawFrom Edith pass trailMount Edith
129073Gargoyles in Cory Pass David WassermanCory Pass Trail 
129063Cory Pass from the South David WassermanCory Pass Trail 
8703High on the Kain Route Drew BrayshawFrom about 10th belayMount Louis
6563Cascade Mountain Joachim StadelFrom Cascade Amphitheatre, looking roughly ESE.Cascade Mountain
162803Mount Louis from the North Anthony Mallinson 2.0 km N of Mount Louis From just north of the Mount Cockscomb (Fm10) Campsite. Mount Louis