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Mount Russell and the Ruby Creek Valley # 9996

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Date: 2007.06.30
Vantage Point: From summit of GMMC Mountain

Caption: Mount Russell is the massif on the central skyline, with the green valley of Ruby Creek below.

PhotoDescr: Redcap Mountain, a long ridge with the top just above treeline, can be seen just at the horizon on the right edge of the photo, with the foothills rolling into the distance beyond. One end of Ruby Mountain is just below Redcap. The ridgeline leading away from the viewer on the left marks the boundary of Jasper National Park to its left. Mount La Grace is in the distance along this ridge, past Mount McBeath.

This picture was taken from the summit of an unnamed peak on the eastern boundary of Jasper National Park during a Grant MacEwan Mountain Club five-day backpack from the Cardinal Divide, over Rocky (Cardinal) Pass, and up to Southesk Pass. When we climbed the peak northeast of the pass to see if we could find a route onto the Thistle Mountain ridgeline, the summit was uncairned, so we decided to give it the unofficial name of GMMC Mountain.

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